02 December 2008

bear cub

this thanksgiving weekend, we went on a few fantastic early morning hikes. our baby was oh so cozy in his new fleece outfit (which is on sale now). luckily it's big enough for him to hibernate in the entire season. (hopefully we will get some snow sooner or later. last year we had loads of it, take a glance at my advent picture calendar from 2007.)


Dansie Family said...

i have almost the same one. tom liked to call james a polar bear when he was in it because it was a white one. i loved it and thought maybe he could squeeze into it this year, but then i remembered he is walking and they aren't really built for walking babies. oh well i guess i will just have to save it for the next one.

Krista said...

I got this same little suit a few months ago and am still waiting to put sid in it...hopefully it will be cold enough for christmas.

Casey said...

I have that same suit but my baby just outgrew it and now there's finally some snow out there! hopefully you get some snow too!

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