21 December 2008

pb perfection

peanut butter meets chocolate.
my favorite combination greets the season.
like little lucy told me on the phone today, it's only four days away. i love christmas. couldn't agree more, sweetie.


Desiree said...

Mmmm happy soon to be Christmas time ^_^
Those look delicious.

KJ said...

you are a baking machine!

summer said...

i love "i eat" posts.
especially pb & chocolate themed ones.

these look so yummy, and pretty too!

jen said...

I think I need the recipe for these. They look really good.

Kadie said...

marta, what is your pb cookie recipe??

Stuart♥Maren said...

wow. that is all i can say!

(friend of the MO halversons)
btw - your baby is DARLING!

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