15 December 2008

a sweet christmasy surprise

picked dan up from work friday night.
he said we were going home for the weekend.
surprise. hip hip.
packed up quick.
headed off with polka dot packages
and li'l benj in his fleece penguin sleeper.
cozied in for a long drive.
found a firelit warm place to stay.

woke up to fresh snowfall.
winter wonderland.
had eggs & sausage.
my favorite.
bundled up for a big walk.
in the snow.
downy flurries fell on my lips
and later in my shoes.
decided to make the most of it.
even though i was frozen.
because it was so beautiful.
and dan was so happy.
and benj was so warm.
we hiked and he slept soundly.
like the silent forest we were in.
surrounded in snow blankets.
felt complete peace.

warmed up.
got ready.
drove to the zoo.
i mean the mall.
hustled & bustled.
smiled a lot.
shopped successfully.
surprises left & right.
ate cafe rio salads.
because they are what i dream of.
the whole weekend was dreamy.
we lit a fire.
drank mugs of chocolate.
chatted with friends.

went to church.
heard violins.
and the first noel.
ate pomegranate seeds.
surprised relatives.
squeezed their hands.
while they kissed benji's cheeks.

hopped from cozy home to home.
with candles lit and trees glistening.
giddily exchanged gifts.
children sat on my lap.
with puppets on the floor.
enjoyed my dad's famous stew.
and my siblings' company.
because there is nothing better.
than living your childhood.
when you're all grown up.

packed up the car.
clicked benji in.
cuddled up.
cried happy tears.
told dan it felt like christmas.
it was that good.
surprises are my favorite.
tis the season.
love someone today.


Jen said...

I love your blog! You are such a talented writer and bring such joy and encouragement through your stories!

melissa deakin said...

sounds like magic.
you always make me smile.
thank you.

KJ said...

yay for you. yay for cafe rio salads. yay for famous stew...which I'm eating right now! Did you wrap gifts for benji? I did for M's first Christmas even though it seemed silly for a 4 month old. But it seemed so wrong NOT to wrap his presents! Glad you are back safe.

Mandi said...

so sweetly written

becca said...

oh I love this marta! it sounds so sweet, what a lovely weekend.

ps- I received my mini diary and gift tags today, and couldn't be more happy.

Carolyn said...

got my mini diaries, even cuter in person! thankyou, thankyou.

all over the map said...

that is a true sprinkling of christmas magic. being together with family + dear friends.

Desiree said...

Oh I love this ^_^
Such a nice, warm, Christmassy post <3
Much love.

Mary said...

oh my, what a completely lovely post. wishing you and your boys the best this holiday. - mary

Meg said...

I love surprise trips home... for some reason they are even better than the planned ones, no expectations and everyone is so excited when they see you! I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!! I got my mini diaries today and they are just adorable! Even cuter than I imagined them (and I imagined them pretty cute in the first place!!) I really appreciate your kindness in sending me your last ones!

Sara Christine said...

"there is nothing better.
than living your childhood
when you're all grown up."

Just lovely. Thank you for sharing your special Christmas surprise. xo

Saucy said...

That really is the spirit of the season... now it feels like Christmas for me, too.

Anonymous said...

marta you make me want to cry. just beautiful.

christine said...

I wish I could write like you.

Travelin'Oma said...

You spread a lot of Christmas cheer with your visit. Your little elf made the season sparkle!

love.boxes said...

a few perfect days! Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

i loved reading this post. sounds like you had a wonderful time with friends and family! i hope it snows here soon!

Becki said...

What a beautiful post. It make me tear up a little (I'm so sentimental!).

Dansie Family said...

so fun. only wish he'll surprise you again with the same thing the week after christmas so we can see you and benji, hint hint.

The White House said...

Loved this post. Made me feel all warm inside. :)

I miss Cafe` Rio Salads with you! :)

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