12 December 2008

12 days in one envelope

folded ideas
to open each day
before christmas comes

12 good deeds
12 reasons you love them
12 verses of scripture
12 new year resolutions
12 happy memories
12 holiday activities
12 favorite quotes
12 carols to sing
12 stories of Jesus
12 delicious recipes
12 little love notes


summer said...

yay, i already have all the supplies i need for this one! can't wait to get started. thanks, m!

Anonymous said...

I've been so busy, i haven't taken the time to read up on your blog for a while. I have missed it. You are amazing.
Much love! Miss you.
Great ideas!

all over the map said...

you know, you reminded me that i didn't really ever fully know (exactly) what the twelve days was all about.
thank goodness for the quickness of the www. :)
the original 12 days start Christmas evening through the new year. i didn't know that.
the 12 days have been adapted in different ways. it's a wonderful celebration no matter what days we choose but i'm thinking i want to adopt this idea and do it from Christmas evening through the new year. i love the idea of having a little something special to celebrate each day.
you listed sme great ideas, as usual. i especially like scripture and stories of Jesus. i think i'm going to do this for my two teenagers.
i also started a Christmas postcard countdown but have had a major hiccup in posting but you were my inspiration from last year with all your wintery photos.

Anonymous said...

you have such lovely ideas. i just get so much happier every time i read your blog. i definitely plan on doing this for my mom :)

Hot Diggity Daws said...

AWESOME ideas. I am thrilled to have hopped over here from a neat diary/handwriting entry about marta designs from McCabe. Love this entry will definitely have to do different ones for a couple people. Found this in the nic of time! :) Thanks! Wendy

PS Love that you call your son Benji I have a brother Benjamin, but we only used Ben or Benny, but Benji is super cute.

Tati said...

love the ideas!!!!

Dawn said...

i just wanted to say that i recieved your mini diary in the mail today.
it made me so happy considering the day was so dreary here in rexburg!

thank you for feeding my writing/notebook addiction!

Brooke said...

Wonderful idea!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that really is such a great, meaningful gift!

Desiree said...

So many excellent ideas!
<3 Fabulous.

Kristi said...

What a fabulous idea! I love how simple this is but also how meaningful it is.

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