15 January 2009

denim does it again.

gap, thank you for bringing it back! years ago i bought a dark denim gap skirt without a slit. i loved it to pieces and wore it once a week to work. everyone asked me where i got it because it's nearly impossible to find a denim skirt without a slit in the front nor the back. believe me, i've looked.

it's back. this time around the skirt is light denim, perfect for sunny afternoons. hip hooray for a day to day go-to. easy to wear, easy to love. girls, go and get it at gap, asap. your modest self will thank me.

and while you're at the mall, be sure to hit all the other stores booming with bargains. old navy slashed another 50% off everything that was already half off. i bought a sweater for $5, a tee for $1, and blue ballet flats for $4.


Mindy said...

So cute! I want one!!! Thanks for sharing.

summer said...

this is what I'm talkin' about.
thanks for the tip, m!

oh, & you are so right about old navy... i found two summery dresses for $1.99 a piece. i was elated.

Anonymous said...

Wow-thanks for the bargain alert! How I love those stores..um..is the skirt hard to walk in, I mean, without the slit? PS LOVE your blog!!

20-Something Superhero said...

Thanks for posting this great skirt. It's exactly what I need for our trip!! Hope i can find it in Canada

Shannon said...

That is adorable.

lcowan said...

The skirt is adorable.

You need to check out iStorez they have the latest sales and deals from all the major retailers – it’s my new favorite site. I found a pair of Joe’s Jeans that were originally $200 marked down to $20!


Amy said...

You've single-handedly restored my crush on the Gap. Sigh. My closet thanks you, my wallet...not so much.

KJ said...


love.boxes said...

very cute!

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