14 January 2009

back 2 business

i loved reading all your comments about the jig onesie giveaway. merci for your nice words about my benji babe. you've made me glad. i've realized over the past few months, if you want to make a mama extremely happy simply send a compliment to her children. so many of you have great expectations for 2009! what exciting days. and i love that those of you without little ones are so willing to give it to a wee one you love dearly. i'll be announcing the winner on friday. there are more handmade goodies to come, giveaways galore. comment on mondays and cross your fingers on fridays. hope you'll tune in, they are all lovely items for the giving and receiving. just in time for my favorite holiday, the lovey dovey day of valentines.

among other things, i'm in the process of catching up. thus, the major to do list. i've listed everything into categories: design / web / home. because i'm fanatic like that. i am designing two sets of wedding invitations along with a book layout and hoping to find time to take down my christmas decorations and go to yoga class. blogging may be scarce for the next little while. dive into my archives or feel free to watch the view instead. we'll reconvene and discuss elisabeth's wardrobe, joy's sarcasm and sherri's hair.



Claudio Tomassini said...

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yours Claudio Tomassini

Anonymous said...

i tried to zoom in on your list but still couldn't read everything...any chance you are restocking the mini diaries...i need one bad!

A said...

Hooray for categorized lists! I do the same :)

Also, double hooray for Valentine's Day--also my favorite holiday. I am going to a class this weekend for V-Day stuff and starting to make my own. Best time of the year, in my opinion...all that pink and red.

And as for that sweet babe of yours, your words make me want to get crackin' and have one of my own.

Take care today.

A said...

Ooh, and where did you find that list paper with the margins so far over? Looks like I need to make a trip to Office Depot. That is perfect list paper!

the fabulous fifi files said...

your desk is so clean & organized... i'm very, very jealous :)

laura said...

i'm lucky to be one of those wedding invitations you are designing for - you are so great to work with!! thanks for all your help. LOOOOVVVEEEE your blog...xoxo

laura campbell

summer said...

I'm so excited about giveaways and listing and being productive! When I hear about other people doing it, it encourages me to do the very same. Thank you!

summer said...

oh, and I had already planned to do some m.archiving today- so you can count on me.

have fun checking off your list!

Quelly said...

Miss Marta - you have made my entire week! I am so glad to know that I am not the only person who has not de-christmased her home.



Anonymous said...

Yay for to do lists! Love your blog!

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