13 January 2009

what's what.

right now

i just put my baby down for a nap after snoozing on my chest for a bit. the best feeling in the world. but i have to get to work and he'll sleep more soundly in his crib. at least that's what i'm telling myself. i am wearing dan's cozy american apparel hoodie that i think i love more than he does. and am more than happy to be spending this grey day inside cooking supper in a crockpot and planning my life out. i have loads to think about and couldn't sleep last night because i had too much energy thinking up designs. now that is a good thing to lose sleep over. both my boys were sleeping and i kept telling myself, just fall asleep. but i couldn't. so i finally got up and started my work and showered and shaved and made dan's lunch and ate breakfast all before seven am. i wish there was a more proper way to write 'am' because it looks like am as in rhymes with ham. but i mean a.m. as in the morning. as in way too early. it was peaceful and good and i thought i should really do this more often. a big head start on the day. so i got a lot done and i'm none the sleepier. if dan were here, i'd ask him, is that what i mean? because he speaks my deluded language. or moreover, he has learned to dumb it down to be able to understand my sometimes backward words. i don't excuse them though. whenever i say something completely wrong, he still knows what i meant to say. my current phrase is c'est la vie and i say it whenever it's appropriate or not appropriate. and dan laughs and says you mean (enter normal phrase here).. and he's always right and i say back to him, well it doesn't really matter what i say because you always know what i really mean. so therefore you're perfect. my language isn't. but it doesn't really matter. because it's all in context. so therefore it's all in the pudding.

the proof, that is.


kaylene said...

i do crave those days of being up in the early morning, getting a whole day's worth of work done before the sun even rises... i think the morning can provide some of life's best opportunities. if i could only persuade my husband to go to bed before 1 am (a.m.!) so that i wouldn't choose to stay up late with him instead!

MelancholySmile said...

that whole last paragraph is pure poetry! And I completely understand, since my husband and I are the same way. Only he's the one always misusing phrases, and I'm the one deciphering and correcting him. It's become a sweet thing between us.

katrina lauren said...

Such a fun read! Thanks for the funny, sweet little post!
I so enjoyed it!

summer said...

I really enjoy hearing how you think-- it's so fun to read & fun to relate to.
And getting up early is truly one of the most rewarding experiences- glad to hear you had a great day, m!

Em said...

one of my favorite.

Jim said...

Ah, yes, if only there were a way to distinguish "ante meridiem" from the first-person form of "to be."

Next thing you'll say is there should be a whole different set of letters to distinguish the beginning of a sentence and make written text easier to parse.

Probably sounds harsh to others, but you know it was written with a friendly smirk.

allison said...

i love it when you blog like this! it reminds me of when we'd trade journals in 9th grade. i heart you and your AMAZING babe. xo

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