30 January 2009


Marta surprised me with this tie and it made its debut at the office yesterday.

I don't really like surprises or letting other people pick out my ties. Despite those general rules of thumb, this tie is a winner. This is something I would have picked for myself. It's a great plaid tie. I've been a fan of plaid ever since my late uncle Earl, a very short and very rotund man, rocked the plaid polyester suit / plaid polyester tie combo at every family party. Like many people, Earl started wearing plaid-on-plaid in the mid-seventies. Unlike many people, Earl never gave it up. (If it ain't broke . . . .)

This is not my uncle Earl. This is, however, beautiful plaid.

It's now my duty to announce the recipient of the tie giveaway. I don't want to say "winner" of the tie giveaway, because you are all winners in my eyes. Really, you are. After all, isn't blogging all about self-esteem?

The recipient, as determined by the ultra-super-random-number-generator, is: thelyttlesinpa. Congratulations.

If you are not the recipient, please don't feel bad. That's the last thing we'd want. Remember you can always visit Anabela's website and buy a tie for yourself. If, after that, you're still feeling bad, go watch some Barney Miller reruns. Not only will you enjoy some top-notch late-70's comedy, you'll also encounter a lot of plaid!

Come back on Monday. Apparently we're giving away more free plaid. (Just kidding, there will be no more plaid. However, there will be another giveaway.)


Anonymous said...

I love Dan's posts!

Whitney said...

Dan, you crack me up! Thanks for making my Friday so much better! :)

Travelin'Oma said...

Is Uncle Earl the one the Dixie Chicks took care of? The plaid jacket makes me think so.

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