18 February 2009

birthday wish

happy birthday little whit.
you know you're my favorite.
hope today is among the happiest of days.

whit, i won't dwell on the fact that i am so sad not being around to help you blow out your candles, so i'll tell you what we would do if i were in town. first i would pick you up early to kidnap you for a birthday sausage mcmuffin and fresh orange juice. then we'd come back and snooze for an hour and call in sick. you'd teach me some yoga moves because you are the best yoga teacher i know of. and i would die for your itty bitty waist. and you'd tell me what tunes are on your ipod as of late. because you are always up to date and hip like that. you'd throw on something loose and casual and look gorgeous as usual. i'd ask to borrow something of yours, in hopes to look like your twin. and then we'd be off to anthro where we'd spend the day and all of our hard earned cash. and we'd zoom to home again for a deal on something fabulous and grab some cocoa on the way. we'd laugh the whole drive and our past memories would mingle with the present. and then to park city to baha cantina to share a chimichanga for dinner and a really fat piece of cake for dessert. we'd have to run to dolly's bookshop to see all the best letterpress cards in town. which we'd stock up on and later mail to each other. we'd come home and watch felicity reruns and then a flick featuring grace kelly and try to stay up all night long talking. and making big plans for our futures. because that's what we do best. inevitably, i'd fall asleep first.

am so blessed with a million memories.
am so thankful to have you for a best friend.
am doubly thankful to have you for a cousin.

i love the way our lives
have woven together
like the colorful embroidery threads
you keep in the corner of your room.
we've always been better together,
a pair of accordion paper dolls.

much love. mart

the best thing to hold onto in life is each other.
- audrey hepburn


whit said...

mart!!! you are amazing!!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful happy birthday words. Thats exactly what we would do if you were here..really thats exactly us. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face and making me feel so special. Thank you Mart. I miss seeing your face. Love you love you

Whitney said...

How wonderful! My name is Whitney and today is my HALF birthday! I was born on August 18th. Hurrah for the Whitney's of the world!

You always have just the right words to say! My bestfriend (of 12+ years) is having a birthday is this weekend and I've been trying to think of what to say in the little book I made him. After reading this I am so inspired.

summer said...

this is so, so sweet.
it made me think of what fun, just-like-old-times things I would doing with my friends on a birthday.

Anonymous said...

I love thinking of you two girls together...laughing and having fun. you've been together since the beginning and am so glad you are still there forever. there is nothing like having a best friend. love, aunt pol

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