17 February 2009

a picture show

we had a pretty picture perfect president's weekend.

thank you dan for the perfect weekend. it is oh so nice having someone who knows that romance is not only making a fancy london broil but folding the laundry and doing the dishes too. thanks to little whit for mailing me you've got mail. it arrived just in time. as we all know, it's the perfect chick flick for valentine's. and it's one of dan's all time favorites, hee hee. and p.s. your sugar cookies were still soft and dreamy. thank you mom for sending john adams for dan's birthday. i especially enjoyed the part when george washington takes the presidential oath; a perfect episode for celebrating president's day. the two hour episode of bachelor was just a bonus. and thank you miss abby, you are the quilting queen. the map quilt turned out so beautiful, better than i imagined. thank you for sewing the perfect valentine gift for me to give to my map man. i loved watching him bounce benji from japan to africa and back again. benji discovered the arctic ocean before bedtime.



kati said...

A. i love benji in his tight little swaddle... sigh :)

and B. that quilt is VERY sweet!

Dansie Family said...

love the quilt. only caught the last 20 minutes of bachelor, but am excited for the finale. we, too have been enjoying john adams. now i am even more excited to go to boston. glad you had a great v day.

Petit Elefant said...

that quilt is exquisite!

summer said...

oh, that tightly bundled benji!
he looks just perfect.
i can't wait to take a picture just like that someday.

that quilt is amazing! the map theme is such a charming choice- love it!

missed the bachelor. will have to find out if i can catch it on hulu.

KJ said...

that quilt is most excellent. envy!

the mama monster said...

cute! the blanket and benji. i'm glad abe isn't the only 6 month oldin the world being swaddled!

Anonymous said...

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{kate} said...

looks like a picture perfect weekend! may i ask what font you used on the pictures and where you got it from? i just love it!

ubermom said...

oh, no one else is asking...where'd the great map fabric come from?

ubermom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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