06 February 2009

handmade and heartfelt

here are my favorite valentine ideas from martha. she always makes me want to get out my craft supplies. so go all out, make something sweet for your love.

because when you put your heart into something, it shows.
this is decidedly my theme for next week's blogging. parties are always more fun when there is a theme to celebrate. see you monday.

clockwise from top left.
hearts and blocks
paper heart wrappings
dainty doily envelopes
heart seals
antique style


Travelin'Oma said...

You are the least whiny person I know! When you called to say your newborn babe was in the NICU you first asked how I was...and then you waited while I told you! No, you aren't whiny. Just sick. I'm glad you're feeling better.

all over the map said...

ur not whiny. it's life and it's good to be real and let people know how you are. after all, we are {blog}family ya know! :)
glad you are better.
those doilies, antique style & hand stitched are beautiful.

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