06 February 2009

the pretty hearts go to..

hello lovies. i had to take my whiny i'm so sick post down because it was making me even sicker. really, i'm on the up and up. i was happy to hear that you've been there, done that and healed up. i've heard a lot of sad news lately about heartache and heartbreak and i couldn't pretend that my illness was even worth posting about. there are bigger things to think about. i'll be posting all about stuff that matters and stuff that doesn't next week. and there will also be another fine giveaway. or two. next week is valentine's week afterall. time for spreading the love. there is no excuse not to love. love a little more this weekend. i'll be loving my little family, my stack of library books, my heating blanket and my dvd player this weekend.

without further ado, the sweet heart garlands go to miss A.

congrats! simply email your details to marta@martacards.com. happy weekend. don't forget to get out your pretty paper, scissors and gluesticks. there is only one week left to make and deliver your love letters to your valentine. there is still a little me in there who is dying to make a valentiney mailbox.


summer said...

so glad to hear you're feeling a bit better-
keep up the mending!
have a love-ly weekend.

ps. many a time have i thought about writing an ode to oxi clean... i'm happy to find that you share my sentiments!

Ashley said...

Thank you so much--I'm so excited! Woohoo!

the fabulous fifi files said...

i just wanted to say how much i LOVE your blog... it's one of the first ones that I check every day ;)

happy friday!

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