17 February 2009

mini moo

i love anything mini. maybe because mini mart has been my nickname since i was small. the pet name later shortened to just min. i still love when i get a phone call and someone says, min! on the other end. i already know it's going to be a happy conversation. maybe that's why i have incorporated mini throughout my mini business. or maybe because dan says i'm pint size.

whatever the reason,
mini moo cards are just right.
such a simple way to design
a cute business card.
upload and go. i love moo.
even if they are putting people like me out of business.


Holly O. said...

I ordered Valentine's Day minis almost a month ago and I still haven't received them!!!! I'm not a happy moo camper right now. Yours look fantastic though!

{natalie} said...

those are awesome. don't worry you'll always have business b/c you are super creative and everyone loves your stuff. you have great style :)

Unknown said...

such sweet lil moo cards!

and what's helpful to know, i always tell my graphic designer friend, is that some people always have been (and always will be) all thumbs when it comes to layouts and fonts, and will always need help from oh-so-innovative graphic designy types such as yourself.

the ability to upload your own photos doesn't necessarily account for taste or style. :)

summer said...

i've always wanted a cute & natural feeling nickname- yours is so adorable!

Anonymous said...

MOO is my favorite way to personalize and be innovative. But I confess, I've kept them a secret because they're so original!

simplybysandi said...

I had "mommy cards" made up a few months ago, and they were such a big hit at my sons preschool that all his classmates moms have ordered them from moo. Can you say commission? They have my name, my sons name, and our phone number on one side, and cute boy themed artwork on the flip side.

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