12 February 2009

weekly wrap up

thank you for all the niceness. i'm very much feeling the love.
i've left a lot of loose ends out there, so here is a thursday eve wrap up sesh.

01. am loving that you love my baby's feet as much as i do. merci. a good question was brought up about the actual size of his li'l footprint. to give you a better idea of how itty bitty, i've photographed my favorite print alongside sixty seven cents to give you a reference point. oh so sweet.

02. am delighted with your chick flick choices. you've reminded me of some i haven't thought of and others that i could watch 23 times in a row. and by the by, cinni bear lovers unite. to those of you who have never heard of a cinnamon bear, i'm telling you, just you wait. i should set out a cinni bear booth in park city at sundance next year. uma thurman would be all over them. please do yourselves a favor and get some next time you ski utah. and buy yourself a pina colada + banana slurpee at the 7/11 along with a chocolate chocolate donut. they are the very best.

03. thanks for the awesome feedback about my writing 101 project. all of your reactions got me super excited. i was nervous about it and wondered if this writing idea would fly. so i'm happy you're happy about it. i am on page 54 of this book and am thoroughly enjoying the words jumping out at me. following amy's example, i found a like new copy for just a dollar + shipping. i can't wait to get it in my hands to mark it up and love it up to pieces. and thank you for suggesting other books for me to read too. such nice people you are. keep them coming. i have already requested the anne lamott book from my local library. i'm keeping track of all of these good reads on my amazon wish list.

p.s. no homework required. a gal emailed me wondering if she has to read up on certain texts to join in on the writing assignments. no way. nothing required except a pen and paper. but if you want to read along, i'll be citing all of the texts i gain inspiration from with each exercise. i will mainly urge you to write it all out. let loose. because really motivating you will give me a motive to get writing more often. jotting in life as it goes by. living deeper. writing the nitty gritty details that too often get swept under the rug.

happy v day preparations.


That Tall Girl said...

Marta-the footprints are adorable! What a clever idea! It is much more special than a posed picture from a photo store...I'd like to copycat you someday!

Speaking of Valentine's Day, I am making shortbread cookies tonight. Ina Garten's Food Network recipe...the hubs says they are delish.

Continue to spread the love...


Unknown said...

woot! thanks for the reference point. they're most definitely not big little feet. ;)

simply seleta said...

Baby footprints are the best! And these are sweet as sugar.

This post is "fabulous" and should be listed on my fun giveaway today....go take a peek! I think you'll like.

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