13 February 2009

big day friday

thanks for participating in this week's jewelry giveaway. congrats to caitlin you are the winner! please email your info to marta@martacards.com. special thank you to leigh of leedle deedle designs for offering up a pair of pretties.

monday will mark the last giveaway of the month. so tune in for something itty bitty, handmade and darling. and enjoy your valentine's day with those you love most. and if you don't have a sweetheart to share it with, love it up anyway. get yourself a pedicure or a new library book or an ice cream cone or a car wash or a corn dog or whatever makes you happy. valentine's day is for everyone. of course if you're so over valentine's day, stay in and rent a horror film. it is friday the thirteenth afterall. we'll be staying in with a heart pizza and chocolate mousse. because he loves pizza and i love chocolate.



Anonymous said...

what a beautiful quote by an author i love... thanks for sharing. enjoy your love day.

Karie said...

Just wanted to let you know I got my Mr. Darcy note in the mail yesterday and I love it! I can't wait to use it! Thanks!

summer said...

heart-shaped pizza used to be a v-day tradition for our fam!
i think it would have been much better if we had been doing the mousse thing post-pizza. fabulous idea, marta, as always!

Caitlin said...

I got my earrings in the mail today and I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!! I got some compliments already!
Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

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