28 March 2009

quote wall 03

am a fool for dancing
on a saturday morning.

a dance-a-thon makes spring cleaning oh so much better. benji loves dancing cheek to cheek with me while papa piles up the pancakes on my plate. he knows i can't eat that many. but he likes to tease. and then he'll finish them off.

if i were to make the blogworld a mix cd with all of my new & vintage favorites this might be the rough playlist. of course i'd switch them around ensuring each song flows into the next. and sadly delete those that have to go. someday i am going to be more like our friend jeremy. who, if you know him you'll agree, has perfected the true art of creating a most memorable mix. which is why he dj'd our wedding.

so enjoy. and yes, mariah carey and george michael made the list.

mini mix.
viva la vida : coldplay
new soul : yael naim
today : joshua radin
1234 : feist
so what : pink
wannabe : spice girls
shake it : metro station
my hero : foo fighters
the sweet escape : gwen stefani
don't stop believing : journey
living on a prayer : bon jovi
falling slowly : once
warehouse : dmb
faith : george michael
a murder of one : counting crows
dan & marie picking hum : sondre lerche
i will follow you into the dark : death cab
when i grow up : pussycat dolls
sweet caroline : neil diamond
goodnight & go : imogen heap
trouble me : 10,000 maniacs
last goodbye : jeff buckley
least complicated : indigo girls
the end's not near : band of horses
i'll see you soon : coldplay
ramble on : led zeppelin
love is free : sheryl crow
big bad john : johnny cash
heartbreaker : mariah carey
1,2,3,4 : plain white t's
city of blinding lights : u2
perfect : smashing pumpkins

and of course,
the tune i put
on every cd mix :
ain't no mountain high enough


Unknown said...

this is too sweet.

D. said...

I'm going to give this playlist a go if you don't mind!

emilyclare said...

what a great little dance mix marta! I especially love that the foo fighters, jeff buckley, indigo girls and the pumpkins got on there!

Ps.. I confess dancing helps me clean and cook with a lot more gusto!

Tiffany said...

Now THAT is a great song list!

Rachael Schirano \\ Rachael Schirano Photography said...

what a great mix of songs! i love the quote.

Lee said...

FANTASTIC. THAT is a GREAT mix and will be the start to our trip to Cape Cod this summer for my 'girls weekend'. Thanks!

love.boxes said...

love those songs together & love the quote :)

Christina Rosalie said...

I just found this: http://8tracks.com/ which lets you make & share mixes... It probably wont let you share all of them in one mix... but it might let you share some :)

I am so inspired by your optimism and delight. Coming here always makes me smile.

Unknown said...

Great mix! -e

Salty Incisor said...

I like this quote because it totally applies to blogging!
I haven't started write club yet well I have but not on the blog. Can I use your Write Club graphic to direct people to your write club on my side bar?

The Robinsons said...

George Michael's FAITH always reminds me of you...when you dressed up like good ol' George and karaoked you heart out! Loved it!

House of Milk said...

there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with a little George Michael! :)

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