27 March 2009


80% of the fun of blogging is seriously the building and the playing and the changing and the revising and the making of the blog. making it look how it looks. it's pure power. it's what we control freaks love. it's like playing barbies and picking out her outfits and her itty bitty high heels. and playing with her hair. or chopping her hair completely off as we rebels liked to do.

so i made some subtle changes to m.writes.
because that's how i roll.

happy weekend.

p.s. thanks for all of the fantastic travel tips. looks like we should all give each other ziplock baggies for christmas. the random winning commenter was number 16. courtney of wunderbug, congrats. you will be receiving a pack of cinnamon bears in the mail. with love from me to you.

p.p.s. not to fret, another write club assignment is in the works. will be posting it on monday. promise, promise. am back on the writing wagon.


love.boxes said...

lookin' good around here m. :)

Unknown said...

yeahhhhhhhh! THANKS MARTA!

i'm really excited for some cinnamon bears. i've never had them before.

they (and you) have totally made my day.

(ps - love the subtle blog changes!)

D. said...

I can't wait for the next writing prompt!

RW said...

I am quite enjoying your blog - I am not quite sure how I found my way but you are definitely inspiring!

Jennifer said...

SO ironic! I just played around with my blog yesterday too! In fact, I titled the section where I can be emailed to be called "I like mail"

Anonymous said...

I love it Marta. Your blog always has been and always will be one of my favorites. :) You're the best!!

That Tall Girl said...

i love that cursive font! where do you get it? is it one of those handwriting templates where you write each letter and a website turns it into a font?

love your blog. check it between every class i teach here in NH.

keep it going!

Rachel said...

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Unknown said...

yes, totally agree!

Anonymous said...

No worries about falling off the writing wagon ... I needed the extra time to catch up on all the prompts!


Megan said...

I miss writing club!

Travelin'Oma said...

You are the Minovater!

summer said...

looks sweeter & better than ever, marta!
i agree, playing around with your blog look is one of the most feel-good parts of blogging. so fun.

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