22 April 2009

happy earth day

am excitedly prepping for a party i'm hosting tonight. i'll undoubtedly give you all the baby shower details and let you know how fitting 20+ guests in my apartment worked out. for now i am running to the home depot sale. seed packets are buy one, get one free today. if that's not a fabulous earth day / baby shower party favor, i don't know what is.

and if you haven't seen the trailer for the new DisneyNature documentary: Earth, you must take a look. baby animals melt my heart. i can't wait to see it.

go planet earth.


summer said...

happy shower hosting! can't wait to hear all about how you made it a glorious event.
ps. so excited for the new disneynature film!

Unknown said...

huzzah for earth and parties!

(love the paper lanterns - they remind me of hot-air balloons!)

Hannah said...

Good luck with the baby shower!

Kelly said...

i can't wait to see Earth either. it looks amazing.

good luck with the shower :)


Jamie said...

The Earth movie looks amazing! I can't wait to see it either. If it's as good as the Planet Earth BBC series, I will be a happy girl.
Good luck on your shower. I am sure it will be fabulous!

Ann said...

thanks for the heads up about the seeds, marta! i am now starting my kitchensill herb garden :)

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