02 April 2009

mmm. mm. mm.

a lovely li'l lady sent me her phenomenal homemade granola. granola in the mail. now that was a pretty rad first. it's cinnamoney and sweet. and dan and i have been fighting over it ever since it arrived. it's delicious.

the other evening, i sprinkled it over french vanilla tillamook yogurt and topped it with fresh berries. this is my new dessert of choice. and of course it's all the more charming when delivered on a tray for movie night. if only the movie could have been as good. i am still waiting for a smile from that bella swan.

this weekend is all about my in-laws visiting, spinach quiche and slide shows from their trip to Israel. plus it's one of my favorite weekends of the year, semi-annual conference. i'll be making the traditional trail mix to go along. note to self, go get gumdrops. i love being inspired from the inside out.

to celebrate, i may or may not have a surprise for blogland this weekend.

sorry bloggies, but her phenomenal granola comes from a secret family recipe.


Jill said...

that sounds heavenly! yum.

Anonymous said...

yum, sounds delish. have a great weekend, it sounds like you have a nice one ahead!

--r said...

was there a recipe included with the granola? if so, please share!!

.caroline armelle. said...

that looks amazing!

and yes, any recipes? i've always wanted to try to make my own granola..

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Anonymous said...

I love making homemade granola-I actually enjoyed some with vanilla yogurt as well this morning. It's the perfect breakfast in my book :) Your weekend sounds like it's going to be a great one-that photo of your trail mix is making me inner-child quite happy :)

k.h. said...

Do tell! What is in your mix exactly??? Looks like the perfect church snack... for the kiddies... hee hee.

Kelli said...

That snack looks very yummy. How nice of her to send you some. I will also have to try the quiche...looks yummy. Enjoy your weekend.

summer said...

oh i am so happy you're enjoying it!
can't wait to try your yogurt & berries trick.
must serve it in cute dishes like this, too.

ps. loving your newest sidebar topper!

Genevieve said...

That movie IS quite the disappointment, in regards to Bella Swan =( The books were great and the film mediocre, I have higher hopes for the coming installments though. Happy snacking!

Broke-ass Bride said...

Just wanted to say how much I'm loving your blog! What a fabu site you have! Keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

I am really eager to try Tie Dye Easter egging.


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