03 April 2009

spring diaries in bloom

hello big friday.
we've got good news to share.
a sporadic surprise giveaway, right here. right now.

the spring edition mini diaries are all dressed up and ready to go, earlier than scheduled. hip, hip hooray. if you already purchased an individual diary or 5 pack (thank you for your order), it will be shipped out priority mail on monday, april 6.

since i cannot contain my happiness for these pretty li'l babies all wrapped up and labeled, a mini giveaway is in order. make a comment on this post by sunday night to enter to win. give your comments some flair. tell me what inspires you. tell me a favorite easter tradition. tell me a good book you've read recently. write a haiku. whatever it is, i like a comment with guts. a random winner will be the recipient of a spring mini diary.

fyi. i made a few extra mini diaries which are now available in my shop and can ship out on monday, if you place your order today. which means, you might just sneak it into an easter basket next to the jelly beans.

happy weekend, everyone. make it count.


Anonymous said...

oh yay for a mini-diary giveaway! we've got a weekend full of easter plans next weekend and I'm going to post about it on my blog-- baking, egghunt, some crafts, and church of course. i am excited to do some easter crafts and what not. hope today is my lucky day for the giveaway!

Kristy said...

what inspiring me today: people--they are so beautiful

Kristy said...

erm, I meant: "inspiring me today: etc."

Bea said...

What inspired me today- my little baby girl dancing in my stomach after I ate a big bowl of strawberries. I can't wait until she's born. I know she'll help me see the world with fresh and eager eyes each and every day.

JJB said...

my favorite easter tradition: my sister and i would always create a scavenger hunt for the easter bunny to find our baskets--and he would leave us one in return. on easter morning, we'd be in our pajamas with curlers in our hair, scampering around the house following clues with the promise of a treasure at the end.

debby said...

i am inspired by the little daffodils struggling up through the late snow. we will all make it to spring together. a mini diary would help.

Ashley Morris said...

"tell me what inspires you. tell me a favorite easter tradition. tell me a good book you've read recently. write a haiku."

Hmm...how about all of the above? :P

*Reading wonderful blogs and surfing through all the lovely photos in flickr inspires me.

*Really no special Easter traditions...except to remember that my savior died for me. :)

*Right now I'm reading The Historian on and off...it's not all that bad.

*Spring makes me happy.
Inspirational colors.
Makes my heart flutter

Hope you have a great weekend!

Summer said...

walking on campus yesterday;
they had just mowed all the grass
from the mall outside

the air smelt fresh and
sweet like my grandmother's corn
from her back garden

which I happily
would eat with some butter
and her rhubarb pie.

I was inspired.

RW said...

My favourite Easter moment is our service in the middle of the night. We have processed around the church in the dark of night - 3x singing and proclaiming the Resurrection of Jesus Christ - then at the stroke of midnight our priest bangs on the door of the church which represents the tomb - when we enter - the church which has been previously dark and lit only with candles and draped in black and purple is now alight with lilys and white tulips, the lights are bright - the tomb is empty and we burst forth is song again. Then after the service our paschal baskets are blessed and we break into the all the good things - chocolate, eggs, cheese, salami, and feast together.

The Fletchers said...

Im inspired by smells... I guess its my little quirk! Springtime smells are the best... fresh cut grass, bbq-ing outside, lemonade! I LOVE IT! I also love reading your blog! :)

Happy Friday!

Liv said...

How fun!

I just read A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini and loved it. I started The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski last weekend and I'm really enjoying that as well.

Happy reading (and writing)!

No Big Dill said...

5 mini notebooks you say?

I have little 5 daughters who like to play.

But to compose and to write?

These would be perfect for a mother's plight.

They'd curl up each day and (of course) each night.

With pens, notebooks and perhaps a great thought.

It'd be JUST what their dear mother had sought.

(or she'd keep them for herself for each tittle and jot!)

Jamie said...

What a fun giveaway! And a great excuse to write about one of the best books I've read in years "Three Cups of Tea." It's the story of a man's experiences building schools in Pakistan. It is an incredibly inspiring read that reminds you the difference a single person can make in the world.

The Mighty RandR said...

I am inspired by SPRING to get outside, feel the sun, and blossom.

Beautiful little books, Marta!

Andrea said...

The mini diaries are so sweet!

My favorite Easter tradition was the Easter egg hunt my mom used to set up for me and my brothers. The eggs (a mix of real and those plastic ones) were hidden around our living room, and always in the same places year after year. I always looked inside the piano bench first.

steph-a-ronie said...

Oh, how I love spring!
Easter is my very favorite day out of the 365 we get every year... and every day until then is a beautiful reminder of rebirth and clean beginnings and fresh lives!

time to celebrate :) :)

Camille said...

I just finished Team of Rivals - about Abraham Lincoln's life. It is one of the best books I have read in a long time. And I am not usually a history book reader.

christine said...

Oooh, been reading up a storm recently. Just finished 'The Alchemist', starting F. Scott Fitzgerald short stories (which includes the Curious case of Benjamin Button.

Loving spring---the daffodils are in bloom here in London. Hoping to get out and 'frolic' next weekend and have a fantastic roast chicken, with asparagus and baby mint potatoes with my partner. Plus really looking forward to sleeping! We get two public holidays next week so everyone gets a very long 4 day weekend. Woo hoo!

I'm really into writing in diaries and would love one!

trudy...{and jamo} said...

I am so inspired by color today! As I was driving early this morning the sun was just beginning to show under the low rain/snow clouds. It was the most beautiful color of blue I have ever seen! Gorgeous. It made everything have hues of blue, even the road.
I hope I win, the mini diaries are so cute!

Unknown said...

Oh! I've always wanted one of your mini diaries! The book club I'm in just finished reading: Follow the River by James Alexander Thom. Truly inspiring and a definite pick me up in realizing that we can do ANYTHING we set our minds to do. Happy Easter!

Jamie said...

I am inspired by long strolls around the Tidal Basin in DC when the cherry blossoms are at their peak. I can't help but marvel at the old, twisted trees full of new blossoms and new life.

Right now I am reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle; A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver. It is quite good.

tara said...

a comment with some flair...hmmm.
what i find inspiring--while driving to work in the early mornings, seeing the moon, big and bright, skipping across the skyline of SLC. I realize that I have the power to make the day how I want it. It's all about perspective.
I think about the upcoming Easter holiday...I miss the days of being a little girl and shopping for an Easter dress. Of course, I always went for the candy pink dress, with puffed sleeves. I remember twirling around Easter Sunday with my sister, feeling like we were the world's prettiest little girls.

kh said...

Inspiration is found
by the mere action of
opening a window

The cool air flows in
and dances on my face
I breath it in
and let it take
hold of my thoughts

The smell of orange blossoms
and dirt
and bulbs about to explode
makes my mind dizzy
with excitement

Oh the beauty of spring
in AZ

melissa mae said...

my energizer bunny daughter
my husband with brains AND good looks
disney magic
summer nights
chocolate chip cookies
funky illustrations
"where the wild things are"
jazz music
the smell of oil paints
a clean house

love your mini diaries.

Anonymous said...

Inspiring me today: my 103 8th graders who wrote amazing papers interpreting a story, my boyfriend who is totally pushing me in my workout/weight loss struggles, the cherry blossoms on the trees, sunshine, and the joy of the weekend to come...

Never That Easy said...

I'm listening to the Harry Potter series on audio cassette, which is, unfortunately for the people around me, inspiring me to speak in a faux English accent at random moments.

{amy k.} said...

i LOVE your mini diaries- they inspire me!

i LOVE spring- it inspires me!

i LOVE Easter, and yep, you guessed it- it inspires me!
One of my favorite Easter traditions is making "italian Easter Bread" (because I'm Italian). When I was little I'd make it with my papa and dad. Papa passed away and I continued to make it with dad. And now, I'm married and on my own- I make it all alone, remembering papa and dad.

ellen said...

I read "The Middle Place" recently which I really liked. Good people inspire me. :) And I love having Easter dinner with my good friends the LaPierres and a crowd of friends.

Karie said...

One of my favorite Easter traditions is with my husband's family. We decorate dozens and dozens of hardboiled eggs, and then we LAUNCH THEM into a big, open gully with a water-balloon launcher!! Hours of fun and laughing!!

erica said...

traditional easter treasure hunt...even though all the kids are way to old - its something we can never give up. when my little girl grows up at least it will be fun for her right?
also...you inspire me!

Hil said...

YOU, my dear friend, inspire me! And I'm not just saying that to suck up because I really want one of your adorable mini diaries. :) Your recent post about being inspired from within really has had me thinking lately.

And, since it is almost that time... conference inspires me!

Jaclyn said...

Spring has sprung here but it is still crazy cold. Loving your mini diaries - so inspiring! Thank you! Enjoy your weekend! Cheers :)

kristi said...

My favorite Easter tradition is coloring eggs with my two girls and putting together beautiful, filled to the brim, Easter baskets!


Alyssa said...

First of all, those papers are so cute! And hmmm, a good book I've read recently...I really liked "The Time Traveler's Wife". I read it last month and really couldn't put it down. It had enough intrigue to keep me reading and yet it was very touching.

Anne said...

Would loooove to win one of our mini-diaries!

I just finished reading "The Art of Being a Woman" by V Vienne. Really good. Really inspiring!

Christine said...

so sweet for springtime
to jot in your secret dreams
and most special thoughts.

my friends and i used to write haiku all during class in high school. about anything and everything. we would cover our notebooks in them and kept writing haiku until there was nothing left to say. good memories.

Shannon said...

love our Easter tradition of getting a new dress, which my two sisters would receive also. I love now to look back on those pictures. there is nothing like a sister!

Also, a good book -- Year of Wonders. It's a novel about the Plague in 1666. It's heartwrenching and, intriguing and beautifully written! I stayed up finishing it until 1:30am Wed night.

crossing my fingers.

you are one of my favorite blogs to read.

Rachael Schirano \\ Rachael Schirano Photography said...

today, so far, nothing has inspired me. but yesterday, i finally found the motivation to begin decluttering, organizing + simplifying my home. i am just getting started, but it feels quite good already!

lizzy said...

ahh, what the diaries' spring garb is so lovely.
my favourite new read is 'picadilly jim' by p.g.wodehouse. a friend bought the book for me & dared me to read it without laughing heartily. it's impossible. the language is charming, the mystery all topsy-turvy & the humour inimitible.

Kerry said...

Good books:

A Thousand Days in Venice
A Thousand Days in Tuscany

Marlena di Blasi writes in a lush, voluptuous, richly-colored way about food, cooking, travel, love and life. I really enjoyed them. Next up, The Lady in the Palazzo, in which she and her Italian husband move into the ballroom of a 16th-century palazzo. It makes me drool just thinking about it.

Happy weekend.

mich said...

i was reading your last post, but thought i'd comment over here to enter your giveaway.

y'know, i just want to say twilight (the book, mostly, but the movie, by default) has been the best source of therapy for me while i'm dealing with the whole broken heart thing. i mean, sure, it's corny, maybe, it's a little, i don't know, overdone at times? but edward loves bella. isn't that inspiring? isn't that amazing?

all i'm saying is, after this old heart starts to heal, for me it's edward or bust.

your blog is super, ps.

Lauryl Lane said...

a comment with guts, eh? hmmm... well, i was organizing my studio yesterday and came across a huge piece of fabric with a fabulous vintage floral print on it. it is the perfect size to make into a tablecloth and napkins for my new (OLD) dining table. the best part? it was in a bag of goodies that my grandmother had sent me, and was left-over fabric from my mother's childhood bedroom curtains/bed coverings. i am jumping up and down with joy! ;)

Colie said...

I heart your mini diaries... the sweet little spring one would be the perfect spot for practicing haiku:

tree blossoms frozen
lamb traded for lion
denver is confused

thanks for the inspiration to be creative! :)

Kimberly said...

southern summers
all hot, sticky and sweet
full of simplicity

cool, green grass underfoot
eyes closed, head tilted back
the smell of honeysuckle tickles your nose

fried tater sandwich
sweet tea in a mason jar
i'm home

That's what's inspiring me these days! Simple pleasures that remind me who I am and where I come from.

Love your little mini diaries! Pretty little nothings to be written down in a pretty little something. :)

summer said...

oh my, a springy mini diary, how exciting!
how i hope that i win!
thanks for hosting this giveaway, marta!

a comments with guts. nicely put.
those are the best!

umm, let's see......
here are some things that i've figured out this week:
palmolive is my most favorite dish soap.
french toast isn't easily ruined.
spinach makes a sandwich infinitely better.
sunshine makes my day infinitely better.
getting dvd's from the library rocks.
if you ask your husband to go on a walk with you,
he'll probably ask if you want to stroll on down to the bakery for a donut.

Hillary said...

My favorite Easter tradition is making a flower arrangement of tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths for the dinner table. Beautiful and oh so fun!

Rae said...

Oh my gracious! Your mini diaries are so darling! What inspires me? Right now listening to the rain pitter patter against the windows and seeing the rain drops leave their unique patterns. Just like the rain drops each and every one of us leave their own uniqueness to each person and situation they encounter.

Lisa said...

Have you ever rolled Easter eggs? Just find a sandy hill, pull someone down it on their bum to make a trail, and roll those eggs. That's what we used to do. I love Easter! And Mini Eggs. And Creme Eggs. And Peanut Butter Eggs. Ok, I love candy in general.

Amander said...

Inspiring me today...I'd have to say people in recovery.

amber, theambershow said...

I'm going to write a limerick about my dog, Leeloo. She's a lab mix, and very sweet and gentle but also quite naughty and mischievous.

My muddy dog Leeloo WAS blondm
But then she jumped into a pond.
In the muck she will get
Unbelievably wet
But clean baths? Of those she is not fond.

here is a photo of Leeloo swimming in a pond. After, she jumped out and rolled in the dirt.


amber, theambershow said...

oooo, typo. the "m" at the end was meant to be a comma.

Autumn S. said...

i'm inspired by the small things in life. i love sweet smiles from strangers, looking at lovely blogs, seeing natural beauty, sunshine, reading a verse perfect for my day, feeling love, reading great books, and creating something even when i don't feel like it can completely turn my day around. i've recently discovered that i can be inspiration to myself and to others.

jane said...

just read "eat pray love". loved it. recommend it!

have a great weekend.

(thanks for changing the form!)

Anna Kristina said...

great giveaway! I have some very inspiring women in my family. My mom and mother in law both are breast cancer survivors and are amazing women - their faith has never wavered. And my grandma takes care of my grandpa with Alzheimer's. I can't think of anything more beautiful than seeing the love in her eyes when she sees him, even though the disease has gotten so severe he no longer can really communicate. She visits him every day (unless she's sick, so the whole nursing home doesn't catch it). I hope my husband and I grow to have a love like theirs.

Cat said...

Best Easter tradition: when my birthday falls on Easter Sunday! (one day shy this year...) These days I'm inspired by my new baby girl that got here 2.5 weeks ahead of time! So cute!

carla thorup said...

The last book I read was "the same kind of different as me." Deborah in the book is the most selfless woman I've ever read about, and hope to one day be more like her. She inspires me because of her power to unconditionally love others. That is something that continually inspires... Love.

Scribbles said...

A great book I have just finished reading is "How to stop a heart from beating" by Jackie Ballantyne - it follows the world of Solange, a single child in the middle set of twins and the imaginary and somewhat macabre world she creates for herself, dancing around the edges of secrets that she cannot fathom the depth of.

Carrie K said...

spring spring spring...lovely diaries!! :)

easter means church all day...and lots of eating. we have a traditional sunrise service, yummy breakfast, morning church, and picnics in the afternoon.

a great day full of memories and traditions and little girls in pretty dresses!

Quelly said...

This year I get to have my birthday (it's a big one this year!) and Easter in the same weekend - two things that make me happy!

Hillary said...

I'm inspired by polaroid pictures, pretty paper, tea parties, springy dresses, writing...and, to be perfectly honest, your blog! I check it every day.

Andy and Jenni said...

I'm currently reading The Brothers K. Written by David James Duncan, it was published in 1992, when I would've been a preteen and had interests far from reading top-selling novels... but, my sister recently recommended it; I've enjoyed the narrator's style, and have appreciated the threads of family and love and religion that tie it all together. The book is a bit heavy on baseball, which is easy to get past even if it's not as interesting. And I've heard the book has a superbly satisfying ending, a home run, if you will. That's my favorite way for a book to end. My sister's recommendations never disappoint.
I'd love to share some giveaway mini diaries with her!

Brooke said...

I just finished Cry the Beloved Country for the first time. A great book. Thanks for your great blog!

caitlin said...

love these spring colors! what is it about polka dots that seem so happy and spring-ee?

i hear neil diamond likes peeps. i don't know what is more easter-ish than that.

i prefer reeses peanut butter eggs myself.

Tori said...

Love your Lovely Little Diaries!!

My favorite Easter tradition from my family is rolling [ throwing ] them down this big hill by the University of our town...we've always done it because dying eggs is super fun but no one in my family liked to eat them~!

**A lot of other people do it to and it is ok'ed by the university...so we aren't breaking any laws!! :)

amy williams said...

Just so excited that you have these back in the shop, ordered mine last week!
Now that I am officially on bed rest waiting for our twins to arrive, journaling will be even more special ad fun!

Right now, appreciating the rituals of spring time, little league and baseball, the beautiful spring air and flowers, enjoying the light until 7:00 each night and the new beginings!

Gracie said...

I ordered one just then but thought I should comment too!
What's inspiring me lately is rain. It doesn't rain all that often here so when it does it's lovely. And I like to think of having a pretty umbrella and nice rain boots.
Oh and the last book series I read were The Mortal Instruments. I loved them! Definitely worth checking out if you're into the fantasy style genre. And The Hunger Games another book recommendation =)
Gracie xx

lacey said...

i am inspired by my 2 year old all boy, boy
and my newborn baby girl
cannot wait to see them smiling together in their easter sunday best

leigh said...

Thanks for doing a giveaway! I love your mini diaries. I'm making dinner right now - pizzas or calzones - each person gets to choose. Mines going to be pesto with tomatoes. Yum!

Rebecca (Dog-Eared) said...

You know those muffin mixes you buy in plastic envelopes for less than a dollar? That's what I'm looking forward to this weekend: chocolate chip muffins. So freakin' good.

(I don't know if this has GUTS or is just weird :)

Little Gray Pixel said...

I love these mini diaries, so my fingers are crossed.

My absolute favorite Easter tradition is dying eggs. I haven't done this in a few years, but I'm definitely going to this year, and I'm even going to hide them around the apartment and garden and force my husband to look for them. Can you tell someone wants to have kids? Haha. On a sad note, when I was a child, the women of the family would make Easter ham, with tons of fresh veggies. Every year that goes by I'm reminded of this tradition and that all the women who used to do this (my great-grandma, my grandma and my mom) are all gone. It brings a tear to my eye just typing it...

robin said...

i think you're inspiring . . .

i'm reading east of eden (again...because it's my favorite), but it's taking me a long time because i love blog surfing too much!

teresa j. said...

happy weekend :)
for inspiration, i'll tell you of a GREAT book i just finished;
THE SECRET OF LOST THINGS. Can't stop thinking about it. Great characters. Love the mini diaries!

Anonymous said...

I recently read, "Home to Holly Springs" by Jan Karon. It's the last of a series, but I LOVE her writing, and it brought back lots of memories of my own childhood and growing up place!

The diaries are adorable!

mj said...

today...my daughter took her first steps! she's 25 months old, so we've been waiting for this for a loooong time. i cried. and i wished i had a mini diary to write down every little thing about today...and how happy i am. :)

erica said...

fav easter tradish: it's actually more of a favorite memory than a tradition. but one year we went to disneyland for easter. as a little girl of course i was worried that the easter bunny would not find me in a hotel. not to worry my dad told me, roger rabbit helps the easter bunny out here in cali. looking back now i realized that roger rabbit isn't even disney. that makes me laugh and makes it a memorable easter!

erin said...

i have enjoyed your blog for a few years now, and am excited every time you write something new.

lately, i'm inspired by the wonder of things to come - what is coming around the corner? who am i going to bump into at starbucks in the morning? what will a wrong turn bring? all of the adventures waiting for me in each new moment are inspiring me to just live each day. happy easter, and spring. :)

Anonymous said...

Inspires me? Nature...the beautiful reawakening of the trees, and flowers...Words...reading quotes...A great book read recently? The Four Agreements. Beautiful book about personal integrity. Love your blog. from anonymous in Texas.

kristin said...

one of my favorite Easter memories is when we would run to the baskets and see the great loot we got (yum!). one year, my sister had just gotten her bangs permed. only her bangs. it kind of looked horrible (sorry, sis!) and we wore little sponge curlers for the rest of our hair the night before Easter Sun so we could have sort-of curly hair. The pictures are hilarious- her bangs are all poofy and the rest of the hair is under a pair of underwear so that the curlers don't fall out overnight. why we didn't take out the curlers is beyond me. :)

Jessica said...

How about a joke?
There were three men on a hill with their watches.
The first man threw his watch down the hill and it broke.
The second man threw his watch down the hill and it broke.
The third man threw his watch down the hill, walked all the way to the bottom, and caught it.

The other two men were puzzled and asked the third man how he did it.
The third man said, "Easy. My watch is 5 minutes slow!"
Fingers crossed!

Nancy said...

Easter and Christmas are two holidays that bring out the little kid in me. On Easter the "Easter Bunny" would hide our baskets and tell my parents where he/she hid them. Then they would play the hot/cold game until we found them. The "Easter Bunny" was very inventive, some years more than others. I want to do this with my children someday, too.

Leslie Rogers said...

I'm inspired this year by the fact that I'm going to see my parents for Easter, with my husband who hasn't seen my folks in four years! Besides celebrating Easter, we'll be celebrating five birthdays. It's going to be one of the most festive and meaningful Easter's yet.
Thanks for your lovely blog!
All the best,

rachellake said...

I came back to my hometown this weekend for an annual festival, and spent the morning on my childhood playground with my best friend.
I've got to say - an hour on the swing set with someone you've known for 20 years is the best way to relax and unwind.
We laughed all morning, played on the playground, and staged a photo shoot on the swing set.
It was great to just let go for awhile, and I've been inspired to keep it up. To find more simple ways to have fun.

Kem said...

I have a 6 yr old lil lady who is never with out a diary. I mean since she was 4 she as always had one and I still have most of them. They stared out with her drawing everything from me and her and flowers and hearts to monsters and starwars (did I mention she has 2 older brothers). Now they are filled to the brim with stories and letters and who her bff is and who is not and all her 6 year old dreams. When ever she has a doller and were at target are first stop has to be the dollar section so she can get a new one. How I love my lil writer.

Ashley said...

I would love to win this. Your mini diaries are so cute and fun. So many things inspire me - mostly other bloggers, photographers, scrapbookers and artists. Specifically, I love Tara Whitney's photography. I must say I am very inspired by your writing as well.

Anonymous said...

a good book i've read recently was albert camus' "lyrical and critical essays." the essays were full of such beauty that i found myself reading passages over and over again, such as this one:

"in the suburbs of algiers, there is a little cemetery with black iron gates. if you go to the far end, you look out over the valley with the sea in the distance. you can spend a long time dreaming before this offering that sighs with the sea. but when you retrace your steps, you find a slab that says 'eternal regrets' on an abandoned grave. fortunately, there are idealists to tidy things up." - a. camus

not only does that french man entertain me, he inspires me to be a rabid reader and writer.

Krista said...

happiness, hope, sunlight, my kids, crisp air, sundance (my fave place on earth), creativity, uniqueness, thunderstorms, ambition... these are among the many things that inspire me.

The Mother Huddle said...

I just saw on my local news where they went to an elementary school and asked the kids why we celebrate easter, and every single child said for the easter bunny. Then I realized that all I had taught my two year old was the easter bunny, and how to get the most eggs! So for our friday night date night me and my hubbs went to barnes and noble to buy a book explaining the story of easter. I hope to teach my two year old from here on the true reason...

Ryann Pinnegar said...

I like the question "What inspires you?" Beautiful spaces. Like a sunlight filled room or the wide expanse of the ocean under the sky. I'm sure other things inspire me, too, but I don't remember what they are...

Lovely Lindsay said...

random easter thought:
my friend in 3rd grade had a fancy bird cage in her bedroom with two parakeets in it that she'd let flap all over her bedroom. they'd land on her hand and then flap around some more. i thought this was so glamorous for some reason. i begged my parents for one for months. and begged. and begged some more. that easter i woke up to a pretty cage and a bright blue parakeet that i named "peep" after the marshmallows of coarse.
that bird scared me to death. ha!

Joann said...

Thank you for the wonderful words you leave which inspire us all to be better. Your blog is a favorite for sure! A great read which inspired me was by Katherine Center called Everyone is Beautiful - I really think you will like it. Also in the movies - Slumdog Millionaire - cannot say enough good things about this one and it is out in DVD form now. Happy Easter.

Clara said...

I'm in the midst of re-reading F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender Is The Night. Fitzgerald's words are even lovelier than I remembered. It's language that you can get lost in -- not escapism, but the beauty that our souls hunger for.

Amanda said...

what inspires me? general conference. inspirational words from inspirational people.

oh... and a mini-diary!

--amanda e.

smym said...

So, gutsy. Well, my fiance is entering the Church this Easter Vigil (and one month before our wedding), something that has been 3 years in the making and to which I said, "I agreed to marry you as you are, not as you will be." I'm almost completing the journal I began exclusively for our engagement, so I would love to enter this new period in our lives with something special, and something Marta. Because I love this man who questions and seeks, expecting {with humility} to find.

mary plus vince said...

this is splendid!

easter growing up was great... the easter bunny left our baskets for us on easter Monday, instead of Sunday -- so that we could focus on Christ on Sunday. what a nice easter bunny! :D and we always got sidewalk chalk + bubbles (along with candy) in our baskets! i loved it!

ryan and melissa said...

Yay for your mini diaries! I love love love them.

Growing up, every year we got a new pair of shoes for the summer in our Easter baskets. I remember being so excited for my new pair of Doc Martens sandals!

brandy said...


my baby girls. pottery barn catalogs. fellow bloggers. my mother. tried-and-true recipes. crisp, clean sheets. an organized space. scenic drives in my car. window shopping. sunlight.

Inspiration surrounds me everyday, it's just up to me to look for it.

Andrea said...

A comment with guts??? Hmm. I feel so under pressure that my mind is blank. hee hee

What's inspiring me right now is all the beautiful spring blossoms outside. Our family went to a walk yesterday and it was just a wonderful reminder of God's creation!

sandi said...

I love your spring journals. Your blog has inspired me and had me writing a lot too. I have been taking a writing class at the local college, so the writing I have been doing for that has been "must do" writing. We dye Easter eggs every year and they always end up staying in the fridge for a few weeks after because they are so pretty we don't want to crack them to eat them. It's not a deliberate tradition but has become one. We also leave the eggs in the dye for a couple of hours and they always are a very deep bright color.

David and Shalynna said...

I'm an avid journal writer and have been my whole life. I enjoy a good gratitude journal, quote journal, travel journal, and of course an everyday journal. I've written religiously since the ninth grade. I think I deserve one of these adorable mini diaries to add to my collection of journals. :)

Also, I remember reading on your blog that you are a fan of Damae in Provo. My husband and I had our first date and he proposed to me there. AND I agree with you, the katsudon is delicious. :)

Journal writer + Demae lover = winner of the mini diary? :)

Angelita Bonita said...

Is it Sunday night? I live in Seoul, Korea so I don't know if I made the cut off. Anyway, this is what is inspiring me today (as I read between my parent teacher conferences):

EAST OF EDEN--one of the best books ever written, in my opinion. I have never read anything that so powerfully advocates free agency. Wowsa.

Anyway, here is a great (INSPIRING!)quote that I reread twice, underlined, and dog-eared:

Our species is the only creative species, and it has only one creative instrument, the individual mind and spirit of a man. Nothing was ever created by two men. There are no good collaborations, whether in music, in art, in poetry, in mathematics, in philosophy. Once the miracle of creation has taken place, the group can build and extend it, but the group never invents anything. The preciousness lies in the lonely mind of a man.

This story is FULL of such powerful commentary.

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