27 April 2009

sun through the slats

happy monday morning.

goodbye weekend. saturday was awesome. it was family day. i did yoga, then dan went biking. we met in the middle and ran errands together, one of my favorite things to do with dan. and benji too. dan makes running errands like going to a carnival. donating clothes to the local D.I. has never been so fun. we get ice cream between stopping at the post office and buying bread at the bakery. then we take a break to stroll in the sunny park. we headed downtown and saw the geese at the river bend. it was picture perfect. all we needed was a big red balloon tied to benji's wrist. i stayed up late writing my li'l speech for our sunday meeting. finally, at midnight it all congealed. then we woke up sunday to snowfall. i'm serious. it was a snowstorm unfit for the pretty spring dress i planned on wearing. oh well. back to the black skirt i've been wearing for months now. luckily all went well despite the lame weather.

today the sun is up, my boy is babbling and chewing a board book.

one pb & jelly sandwich packed, one shirt ironed, one bed made, and one big kiss goodbye to dan. cheers to a nice morning that hopefully leads to a very productive day. onto unloading the dishwasher and making a grocery list. today is a cat stevens listening type day.

the giveaway winner of the pretty birdie apron is lisa. congrats to you! hope you love wearing it. please email me your shipping info soon. another spectacularly fun giveaway is marked for this thursday. am so happy, they just keep rolling in.

if i'm real productive, photos of the baby shower will post later today.

now go and have a good day. xo.


Lisa said...

Thank you. :)

love.boxes said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend!

Hannah said...

I spoke at church yesterday too and wore a sweater and black dress. Depressing on the last Sunday in April.

Tori said...

what is the big font you used for you invites...they are adorable!

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