19 April 2009


hello again. we're just back from our road trip. am unpacking and uploading and stretching these li'l leggies. lots of good things this weekend. i survived the race. we saw lots of family members. the sun shone the whole time. benj got his third tooth! my mom and i browsed the fancy new nordstrom and it's fancy new cafe. (i highly recommend the bread pudding.) we even had a mini family photoshoot with ginnie in a pretty field of trees. a very productive weekend.

am happy to announce the giveaway winner from last week. janet, congrats! a little one you love will receive a rachelli monster tee of your choice! please email me your shipping info and choice of design. for the rest of you, not to fret, another good giveaway is coming up thursday.

a big shout out to dan's brother, tom and his wife, elizabeth. they are both running the BOSTON MARATHON tomorrow. wahooo. good luck & have fun.


hannah said...

Congrats on surviving that race! You are inspiring. I think I'll sign up for one this week...

wunderbug said...

congrats on surviving the race!

just wanted to let you know that i'd received the cinnamon bears safe and sound this weekend - and goodness - they ARE delish! i've had to squirrel away what's left of them before my fam devours them all!

thanks again for them. :)

Janet said...

yay! i'm thrilled to win...what a fabulous way to begin the week. my little birthday boy will look dashing in such a cute tee. thank you, thank you!

ellen said...

Darn -- I didn't see this post until today! I live in Boston and go to the Marathon every year. I go early to Mile 19 and save space for friends and we cheer and yell and hand water out to runners all day! I hope it was a great day for your brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

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