20 May 2009

a game of tag

games are the best and dani just tagged me.
play along if you please.

8 things i look forward to:
lunchtime. memorial day weekend. summer camp outs. the day the local pool opens. buying our first house. planting a garden. someday hiking the grand teton with dan. watching benji grow (stand, walk, talk, play the pig in charlotte's web in his 1st grade program and so on).

8 things i did yesterday:

went on a stroll. saw four horses and three sheep. sat on the grass with no shoes and flipped thru the REI catalogue while benji tore up the junk mail. baked 2 loaves of bread. talked to my mom on the phone. folded laundry. read chicka chicka boom boom for the millionth time. tickled benji. sang songs while he took a bath. met up with friends for the first bbq of the season. benji wore plaid shorts. because for the first summer bbq (of your life), plaid shorts should be mandatory. there was one nine month pregnant mama (who is too hot and too pregnant to stay inside), two card tables set up in the shade with lots of delicious summery food, including sun chips, juicy watermelon and limeades. it was laid back and completely spur of the moment. which i loved. the package of oreos we brought was better than any fancy frosted confection i could've slaved over. sometimes less is more. benj stayed up way past bedtime and maintained 75% of his natural charm, thanks to the funny man who kept him happy with silly faces and monkey sounds.

8 things i wish i could do:
fly to the nss right now. sew. speak another language. give up french fries. do the scorpion and other impossible/impressive yoga poses. remember names. make baked alaska. get with the head honcho at the post office to discuss installing drive-thru windows.

8 shows i watch:
the sad thing is; i don't have tivo or even a good tv. which is probably for the best, i would be addicted to it. hollywood and all it's craziness is my guilty pleasure. unfortunately (or fortunately) we have only one tv station (abc) in our house, it comes in somewhere between fuzzy to really, ridiculously fuzzy. (still, ellen is hilarious even when i can't see her dance.) my tv dilemma is just another reason to get to the gym; glorious cable. i can get my fix of access hollywood or whatnottowear or idol or john+kate or re-runs on tbs while workin' up a sweat. the longer i watch, the more calories i burn. (talk about wanting my cupcake and eating it too.)

8 posts i've starred recently in google reader:
fabuless: flip flops for $1.
oh so beautiful paper: at nss
creature comforts: artiste
pioneer woman: beautiful bread
c+h: vintage glam wedding
sarah & abraham: canvas art
blah blah blahg: compose photos
twigs & honey: unique dresses


KJ said...

ditto on the post office, and I bet we watch the same reruns on TBS.

Dani said...

thanks for playing along! plaid shorts for little boys are THE BEST! i don't really get into plaid, but my guy could wear it all day and i'd be happy. too bad he's into mesh shorts! i really do love your blog and it's been fun to share this with you! happiness to you!

Amy said...

I love this! Ha ha, have just posted one on my blog, it was lots of fun!

ALFIE said...

Gotta love getting your TV time in at the gym! I'm usually at the front desk begging to have the channel changed off of CNN. politics has it's place, but that place is not my treadmill!

love the starred posts as well::: so much amazing stuff in this great big blogworld!

Travelin'Oma said...

Follow up on the post office thing. It would be awesome! I used to wish for a drive-thru pharmacy when I had a bunch of sickly kids, and they invented them the day after I stopped needing them.

Benji's wife will probably enjoy a drive-thru stamp stop because of your idea.

summer said...

yay for fun games like this. my favorite part of this post was hearing about your yesterday and that flawless summer bbq. card tables in the shade.. oh so simply perfect.

i think drive-thru windows could be revolutionary. completely genius!

Mary said...

I love these lists and games of tags. It's a fun blogging community we have!

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