27 May 2009

weekend rhapsody IV

recap: monday afternoon

my in-laws hosted a fabulous patio party on monday for the fam. dan was in his element; outdoors with burgers on the grill and siblings left & right. it was a happy memorial day. dan's family kept saying, will this be on the blog? and i said of course! this party was very blogworthy. everyone deserves their spot in the sun, especially a few of my favorite faces.

after saturday night's rain, their garden was greener than ever. so refreshing; this backyard is nature at it's loveliest. (i absolutely love this picture of dan & shanna.)

i wouldn't put it past shanna to scoop sorbet into individual shells, she's very martha stewart like that... but when you can find these darlings at your local costco, why go to all that work?! look how divine these are. and so delicious too. seriously sweet with fun flavors. mmmm. mmm. am dreaming of them still.

cute mary and olivia. benji boy was happy to stay up from his nap to hang with cousins. he had so many good arms to lounge in.

this is where the family slideshow ends. phew.
we'll now return to regular scheduled programming. hooray.
thanks for enjoying the weekend wrap-up with me.


the hogan's said...

What a story-book weekend! I love that last picture of Benj...he is darling!

hannah said...

What a fun little vacation with family! I have had those sorbets from Costco. Serious goodness!

Natalie Putnam said...

Hey. I just wanted to say that I love yoru blog. I have been following it for a while now!


ALFIE said...

thank you for sharing your weekend (and your family!!) with all of us, marta! your memorial days looks like it was amazing! love how animated and happy benj looks.
you can see the love and connection amongst your family.
absolutely LOVE the garden sack lunches! so so cute!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time with the family! beautiful!

Be well!

p.s.(thanks for replying to my email marta!)

{anyalynn} said...

got my mini journal and LOVE it! Thanks!!!

mama jo said...

benji's so cute

Dansie Family said...

sad we missed it. looks like fun as always.

Amy said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your weekend wrap-up. Thanks for giving us a peak and sharing your lovely family with us.

Anonymous said...

oh i loveeeeeeeeee those sorbets! and the ending photo of benji is just too cute!

Travelin'Oma said...

You'll have to teach Benji to read using your blogs. That way he'll see what a fabulous childhood he had!

wunderbug said...

oh my GOODNESS benji is so big and cute! you always attend the best parties, marta!

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