27 May 2009

weekend rhapsody III

recap: sunday evening

what do you get when you have eleven adults, eight girlies, one benji and a big backyard? a barbecue fit for twenty. this is just part of my family. i know, it's crazy good times. my sister's twins turned two this weekend; if that isn't cause for celebration, what is? somehow heidi manages to run her busy household, grow a garden, bake dozens of goodies, be so stylish and fit, and host parties every weekend with ease. everyone who knows her thinks she is magic. i don't know how you do it, heed, but thanks for an incredible family party. am happy the rain held off just in time to blow out the candles. benji loves his cute cousins. he managed to stay wide-eyed the entire evening.

this slideshow is going to be what i come back to next time i'm missing everyone.

1 comment:

Heidi said...

Great recap, Min. Magic is in the blood don't you think! Good thing, because how else does anyone get anything done!

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