23 June 2009

fighting for a cause

as many of you know, each summer dan and i raise money to support the national multiple sclerosis society. the ms bike ride in logan, utah gives us a chance to do something we love while also supporting a worthy cause. you can read my past ms bike stories here and here.

dan's family rides together each year to raise money in honor of dan's mom, who lives with ms. thanks to her cheerful, determined attitude and an aggressive treatment program, she is still able to do many of the things she loves. however, not everyone who suffers from ms is as fortunate. ms is a debilitating disease that attacks the brain and nervous system. fighting the disease with medication can slow its effects, but any damage to the nervous system is irreversible. left untreated, ms can be devastating in the lives of its victims, destroying the body's ability to speak and walk.

the national MS society is dedicated to fighting this crippling condition. the funds it collects are used to help those who are currently living with ms, research the causes of ms, and work towards a cure.

if you are able, please consider joining us in the fight against multiple sclerosis. contributions of any size are appreciated and truly have a meaningful effect in the lives of those who have ms.

to donate, please click here or use the fancy new button in the sidebar. i appreciate your support so much, thank you.

we love you shanna!


Jamie said...

Wow! This is so meaningful to me. I was just diagnosed with MS this past January. I'm very familiar with the disease as my dad has had it for the past 15 years or so. Yay for you and your hard work!

KJ said...

My friend's mother battled MS with grace for over 35 years. What a great fundraising event! Thanks for spreading the word.

Misti said...

Thanks for posting about this. One of my best friends was diagnosed with MS this past December and I have another friend who was diagnosed a few years ago.

Props to y'all for doing this!

lucinda said...

marta dear, my mother also has ms, yet another connection we share.

Eliza said...

My mother-in-law also battled MS for two and a half decades before she passed away... so thank you for speaking out and doing something!

Shannon said...

My mom has MS...as a family we all wrote letter to MS, on it's 20 year mark of her having this disease. "Dear MS" to those interested our letters are on the sidebar of my blog. It was very therapeutic to write.

Thanks for spreading the word. I didn't realize your mother-in-law lives with MS as well...

Molly said...

Good for you guys. And thank you. My did lives with MS... it is so surprising how many people live with this disease.

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