22 June 2009

monday roll out

a few things to mention for monday.
am rolling out the carpet of my mind.

01. the winner from last week's giveaway is melissa. congrats, you've won a set of handmade stationery! please email your shipping info and choice of typewriter or tv set design to me.

02. truthfully i didn't mind all the rain this weekend. it has made everything so lush and green. the sunshine moments were all the more gloriful after buckets of rain. not a real word i realize, but seriously, it's exactly what i mean.

03. was happy to read an article about the making and meaning behind moleskin notebooks from a magazine my dad sent me in the mail. he is the best. he has given me a handful of these journals with favorite collectors stamps glued to the cover. not only is he completely thoughtful, he is crafty too.

04. am definitely digging happy tape, papercut maps and this japanese quilt. not to mention, these beautiful blind impression cards.

05. another gloriful find from the bulk foods; army guy gummies. when i saw them at the store, i had to smile and scoop some into a sack in honor of my man. doesn't every little boy dream of growing up to be gi joe? they turned out to be a great father's day snack as we walked along the local waterfalls and fed the ducks yesterday.

if i were planning my nine year old boy's birthday party, i'd be tempted to theme the whole event around these sweet troops. i can just imagine them on a tray, piled high in cellophane bag barracks with camouflage ribbon tied on the tops. the treats would be a fun reward after the boys wrapped up their water gun fight. i'd serve kool-aid in canteens, plan a water balloon surprise attack and a bazooka bubblegum blowing contest. at the end of the war party each boy would take home an army knapsack, embroidered with their initials. in my dreams, i can sew. it would be filled with army approved contents; a treasure map, a compass, a small notebook and a swiss army knife. i suppose the gummies would have to get eaten quick, they'd probably be considered contraband.

i told dan i had to get a picture before we gobbled the guys up. dan set them out, lining them up on his leg (his favorite faded corduroys) in a fashion that gave me a glimpse of exactly the little boy he was.


Anonymous said...

Those little army guys are so cute. They remind me of the little plastic ones that are hidden all over my father's truck. When you are a passenger in his truck, all of the little army men have their little plastic guns pointed at you. Some are hiding in the vents, others on the door or behind the sun shade. [I really should photograph them.] My father says that the army men help keep my mother from playing with the radio, air conditioner, and other knobs, but I'm pretty sure he does it because we (the kids) get a kick out of it!

Travelin'Oma said...

You have a knack of finding treasures wherever you go. You inspire me to keep my eyes and ears open.

kh said...

oh my gosh, I love your idea for the army bday. my son is in love with anything army (mostly shooting and playing the hero) so this would be right up us alley! you have the *best* ideas! Thank you!

Kerry said...

Candy guys shooting candy guns? No thanks.

However, moleskin notebooks get a thumbs up.

Unknown said...

those gummies are too cute to be army!

(i have to admit, though, that i was surprised by the red and green - i expected more camo-coloured lil dudes... you know - like the coca-cola gummies?)

and re: your dad's thoughtful lil moleskin creations; no WONDER why you're so darn crafty - you've got it in your genes!

crissy // mama boss said...

I am such a candy fan, and those gummy soldiers look delicious!

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