01 July 2009

announcement for stella

am starting a new feature on m.writes to round up all my favorite printed goods that debut on the web. invitation inspiration. although of course, not all of them will be actual invitations, still you get the idea.

i instantly fell for this gorgeous + distinctly unique letterpress baby announcement. it is unlike any i've ever seen. and i love everything about it. including the fonts and fantastic use of colors. welcome to the world, stella. such a stylish hello.

designed by parents, Tosh & Victoria Brown
letterpress printed by mandate press
via oh so beautiful paper


Melissa A. said...

This is so cute. I love that they have illustrations of the parents and the baby.

{anyalynn} said...

I think I am really going to like these posts! I love invites!

Christine said...

Those are the sweetest announcements I've ever seen! Nice find.

KJ said...

ok, those are really adorable. they remind me of the kid of artwork/images that were popular when I was a teensy little girl.

Carlita said...

this is sooo darling! i showed my husband (also a red head with a beard - and he's a designer) and i told him i must have something like this when we have a baby. it is just absolutely lovely. and unique and simple. perfect.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link love! Aren't these announcements the coolest? I'm totally doing something like this when we decide to start our family!

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