01 July 2009

hi, july

can hardly believe it's july already. have printed my new calendar page on sunshine yellow and am jotting down big plans for camping, hiking, swimming and vacationing. not to mention sno-cone and farmer's market outings to boot.

am hoping to expand my intentions and follow through and live a big life. even in a small way. more and more, i am appreciating this simple life i lead. though there are days i wish i knew how it felt to be rehearsing a broadway revival, learning to surf, backpacking through the swiss alps, living the high life in a high rise in new york city or writing memoirs in a cottage off the coast of maine. but the reality is, i must live in the now before it all too quickly passes me by. before i find yesterdays full of regrets. i hope july is full of nowness. and checker games and ice cream socials and exercise and lots of chit chat. i want to send meaningful notes and spend time the way i should spend time. indulge in good words and less hollywood gossip. enjoy fresh food rather than fast food. savor moments rather than scooting them along. write more. write more. and write more.

with all my encouragements i send out, i must admit, i have trouble writing. my good ideas seem to glisten for a moment like sunlight dancing on the dew of a spiderweb. if i don't capture them up on a page, i seem to come back and find them so disenchanting; brushing the cobweb away not seeing it as the masterpiece it really could have been. look beyond the cobwebs, find the dew drops instead. i know of this beautiful sight so well because we had a spider friend while living in california. dan named him glenn. i wanted to get rid of him. he sneaked his spider web project onto our deck, draping his incredible house where i usually hung the beach towels out to dry. to my dismay he stayed. and stayed. and after a heavy storm, he would remodel and rebuild his web while we watched. it was rather unbelievable. i never thought i'd say this; but the sunrise is even more amazing when seen through the spaces of a spiderweb first thing on a californian morning in may. the drops sparkle, looking so fresh and natural; you completely forget how much you do not like spiders. truly, thank you dan for not disturbing glenn, even though i begged you to. i have thought of glenn and his spiderweb often ever since, just like all my fond memories of california.

speaking of fond memories. my li'l one turned ten months old the other day and is making me more and more glad to be his mama. i catch him laugh and smile at himself. and see how joyous he can get over something so small. he loves this little piggy and rolling toy cars back and forth to me. he chuckles on cue. i feel so lucky. i watch his sad expression flicker to happiness in a moment. i see the way he is easily amused and can be convinced to give a smile even if he just smashed his finger in a drawer. he falls and gets back up again and again, with a big benji grin. if only i could be so determined. he practices his maneuvers until he masters them. as of yesterday, he is learning to pull himself up. undeterred by his wobbly short legs. i love how he is ever so careful while being ever so carefree. i love the bigness in the smallness. he inspires me. oh how life can be good; if we just choose to see it that way.

happy july + happy new cowboy calendar page.

click, save, print, plan.

p.s. my thursday giveaway series will extend through july too, starting tomorrow with one of my long-time favorite artists! later this month i'll be hosting an online sidewalk sale and other such surprises. can't wait.


Dawn said...

Dear Marta,
Thank you for sharing these thoughts. I believe the intentions you have set for July, and for life in general, bring with them the promise of their fulfillment. Remember them every day, and they will eventually become your reality.
As much as I can understand wanting to be in a cottage in Maine writing memoirs (what a beautiful vision!), I know I speak for everyone who visits your blog when I say, we are glad you are here, sharing your bits of beauty and contemplations with us!
Have a great day,

Kristyn Knits said...

what lovely july thoughts. I love turning the page on a new month. oh the possiblities, blessings, and challenges that lay ahead of me.

Janet said...

oooh! the possibilities! thanks for sharing the fun calendar and your talents.

KJ said...

THe first day of any month is wonderful. Perhaps I'll bump into you at the parade on Saturday? We'll be near the end of the route, park-side.

Krista said...

i love these calendars! they're perfect for my fridge.

Travelin'Oma said...

I love the way you think and I love the way you write. I truly love your blog. ( I'd say this even if I wasn't your mother.)

ALFIE said...

love these calendars! thanks so much for sharing!!!

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