03 July 2009

happy independence day

mini m&m's seem fitting for the family camp out. another happy find in the bulk foods. we're all packed up and on the road. headed for the mountains and all the togetherness we can handle. we're geared up for a weekend of s'mores, patriotic pancakes, our annual hot dog roast and late night chats around the fire. and there better be some singing. i have my bandana, my hiking shoes and tiny toothpick flags at the ready.

happy weekend everyone. enjoy your independence.


Hil said...

YUM! Wish I could tag along just for some of those scrumptious looking cookies. Sounds like you guys are going to have a blast! Hope Benj does okay for you while camping. I'm sure he will, when is that child ever NOT okay? :) Hope you have a happy 4th!

Bunny, THE PARIS HOUSE said...

these look so yummy!! I was going to make ginger snaps, for some reason I'm craving them, but my children would enjoy these cookies much more

Elizabeth said...

Those look amazing! Recipe please? Have a wonderful weekend full of family fun.

country girl said...

Wow, that sounds like so much FUN! Love the cookies, think I may just have to bake some of my own. Maybe just using the red and blue ones?
Have a blast Marta!
xo dawn

whit said...

Have so much fun twin!!!! i'll be happy knowing your in the area.

courtney said...

good plan with the lil toothpick flags. you never know when you'll need 'em!

(plus they just make everything that more festive).

happy independence day, marta!

Dansie Family said...

those cookies look great. have fun.

Simone said...

These look yummy!

Kelly said...

i'm running a little behind - i hope you had a great 4th!


katrina lauren said...

mmmmmm mmmmmm....your cookies look absolutely delicious! so much so that right now at 10.22pm i am wondering if i should
a.)go to bed
b.)go to the kitchen to try and make some of my own!

hmmmm. i'm short some ingredients...sadly option a. for this girl!

summer said...

woohoo! hope you had a very happy fourth, marta! hot dog roasting and campfires and bandanas.. oh my. so perfect. oh, and your cookies look outrageously awesome. mm.

ps. i totally rocked the bandana at 'war games' last thursday night. i fit right in with the campers. thank you, thank you!

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