01 August 2009

marta writes calligraphy

allow me to assist with the task of addressing the invitations for your upcoming special event. you provide the envelopes and the guest list, i'll provide the fancy free calligraphy. i'm happy to stamp & send the stack on your behalf for an extra postage fee. to delegate is to eat dessert first.

contact me at marta@martacards.com for a price list.

1 comment:

Jessie said...

i may or may not be going through your entire blog and finding all sorts of gems. i have to say, i love your handwriting! i'd love to learn; i've always been into lettering. i actually took a calligraphy class way back in middle school but it looked nothing like this! haha. did you take any classes or did you just teach yourself??

also, this is way random, but while i've been perusing your blog, i've noticed that one of your favorite things is having a pen pal. i don't know if you are into being pen pals with complete strangers, but if you are...let me know! :) getting something in the mail besides bills is of the my favorite things too.

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