07 August 2009

calligraphy love

while on break we've been roadtripping. taking advantage of all this sunshine and family togetherness. we stopped in at my parents place. inbetween homemade granola, ed norton movies and building brio trains for benji, we had a half-hour-long conversation about the glories of calligraphy. always, always humoring me. i love that my parents appreciate the handcrafted.

thanks for all the fun. this post's for you.

calligraphy : betsy dunlap site + blog.

calligraphy : twig & fig

calligraphy : cynthia warren

calligraphy : bernard maisner

calligraphy : grace edmands

more pretty penmanship:
laura hooper, maybelle, and emilie.


Cat said...

So happy you're back. Missed you!!!

hannah said...

So pretty. Someday, I'd like to take a calligraphy class.

country girl said...

Delicious! *sigh* absolutely wonderful.
Marta, I love your blog so much, thanks for all the beauty.

KJ said...

ahhh loveliness. I need to take lessons. it must take ages to learn to do that.

Paper Relics said...

Oooh - thanks for all these great links.

beth said...

the calligraphy is so-o-o beautiful. thank you for the inspiration.

Travelin'Oma said...

Our 40th is coming up. Maybe we'll have a re-do just so we can have these cool invites. I like the bottom one the best.

kelly said...

wow...i'm in awe of all that talent and beauty. i feel the need to get myself a proper nib and ink. if i ever received such a delightful envelope or card i'd be beside myself! Xx lovely to see you back by the way and glad you had fun!

made sweet said...

i've been enjoying calligraphy more than usual lately. these are lovely.

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