21 August 2009

links i like

in the meantime.. while my pasta boils, i must flush out all this excellent stuff that sits in my dock. i am queen of finding something cool online and then minimizing the window to come to it later. so i guess this is my later. oh, i could live a lifetime just poring over, catching up, printing out, gushing about, framing favorite blog posts from around the world.

here are a few recent faves.

a dreamy wedding; such prettiness. (you've done it again, heather.)
this is why i'm so happy my sister is back to blogging.
ode to sabrina ward harrison and company. she inspires me.
lovely lovely layout design. am a geek, i know.
you must see this charming treehouse wedding (photos by ben blood).
warrior nie nie and her captivating sister cjane.
(they write the type of blogs that must be read.)
cutest london themed wallpaper ever.
fabric embroidery calendar. i sew love this idea.
i heart the word merci. this one takes the cake.
truly stunning map theme wedding invitations.
this shop makes me happy. especially this rolling stamp.

and three more i newly subscribed to
the ritzy bee | the english muse | the art of jordan
ooh la la. am addicted.

off to party + to ignore
the computer for awhile.
buh bye for a bit.


{amy k.} said...

I agree, nie nie and cjane are must reads. They are always so inspiring... as are you! Thanks for sharing your great finds!

RW said...

thanks for all the great links.

i wept after reading nie nie's story.
seriously wept.

Jake said...

I feel special. Thanks for linking!

Jake said...

I didn't get your comment, though...

Lila said...

I LOVE your blog. I read it every day. I especially love blog links. Thanks for sharing.

joy said...

great links, thanks for sharing! happy celebrating this weekend! Your little boy (your whole family really) is so incredibly adorable. makes me even more excited to become a mama one day. (soon. hopefully!)

jamesandlindsaylattin said...

Hi there! This is Lindsay Lambert Lattin from BHS, BMS, etc. Just wanted to say how much I loved looking at your blog. You are such a talented graphic artist. You've inspired me to be more creative. The best to you!

Anonymous said...

It's posts like these that make my greatful for tabs.

One Love Photo said...

Thank you so much for the mention. That wedding was a dream.

summer said...

i read this post the evening you posted it, marta, and it saved me from extreme boredom during a pre-season football game. just wanted you to know. thank you so much for sharing! and sorry i'm so late in saying it!

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