21 August 2009

pinwheels for my pal

and so it goes.

project runway
last night. cereal this morning. pinwheels today. pasta tonight. bike ride tomorrow. swimming in the afternoon. baking cake after that. and tying together a li'l surprise birthday book last minute. yes, i realize right now all this party hullabaloo is technically for him, but mostly for me. yet i cannot think of a better thing to throw a hullabaloo about than celebrating our year together. having a baby, beginning this trio of a family, gaining a new pal. watching him grow and seeing my own life change before my very eyes. seeing dan become a father and watching our parents' gleeful grins at our own li'l boy. knowing life will never be the same again. yes, it's one big itty bitty birthday celebrating a whole lotta wonderful little things. let the celebrations begin.

1 comment:

KJ said...

Cute. I made several giant pinwheels for baby's bedroom a few weeks ago, and have paper for several more for toddler's birthday party. I can't resist them. I would say great minds think alike, though mine is not nearly as great as yours. Here's a thought: wondering how to make them out of fabric for a large-scale wall hanging. Maybe with interfacing and starch? Hmmmmm...

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