14 August 2009

photographer sign ups

next week my photography blog will make its big debut.

just kidding. i wish. really, i'm joking. i know very little about photography (although i love it more and more every day). all i really know is to turn your flash off for overall better pictures. and to snap a billion photos, you may find one among them that works. and to capture different angles, they might surprise you. in my opinion, if you've got a photography blog you should know something of the subject. which is why i'm hardly a candidate. but i'll tell you a secret, i dream of being a photographer.

i have a love of seeing scenes behind the scenes. (which is why i love those e true hollywood stories so much. i want to know the back back story. i want to know why they are who they are.) i suppose i love the type of photography that shows both sides to the story; all the hoopla and the bride and the shoes and the dancing and the swinging twinkle lights and the traditional darling shots. but i truly appreciate the stolen moments captured between people that are not for show. that are just for them, moments that you feel lucky to be apart of. pictures that say something about the people. pictures that speak volumes.

i love a fresh perspective and am delighted there are so so so many creative photographers snapping shots like these. so much color and charm, so many fun locations, such great still life scenes with spontaneous props, so many options, so many cameras and lenses and photoshop abilities. i don't know how you photographers keep it all straight. but let me say this, i admire you. keep up the good work. i have real respect for those with such a creative eye.

with so many blogs with an emphasis on professional photography, i wonder if there is some sort of club you are all in, an official photography blog roster of sorts. i inquire because every day i run into a new, up + coming photographer and think, wow, there must be hundreds more where this came from. so, i have an idea. humor me and do me a favor. if you are in the photography business (or know someone who is), please leave a comment with a link to your site and your locale. that way, we can have a nice little list of inspirational photographers from all over. have i mentioned i like lists? thank you, thank you. this will make it much easier next time i'm in wisconsin and need my 8x10 glossies done.

p.s. even more thoughts on photography. i usually like my photographs to look like what i saw through the lens. natural yet captivating. in a subtle sort of way. although i do love all the fun techniques that are massively available for photoshop use. i feel torn. sometimes i feel guilty doctoring my photos, yet other times i feel like hey, it's 2009. roll with the times, baby. a little digital botox is a good thing. however, like some obsessive botox users, are we getting carried away? is digital enhancement ethical? meaning, are our christmas cards really us anymore? are our memories rose colored because we switched on the Rose Colored Action in photoshop? are we doing ourselves a disservice or are we prettifying our world? this type of mindless banter is exactly why a photography blog would never really work for me. thank goodness i have this gig to keep me busy.

p.p.s. i made it through u be u week. a week of blogging without overwhelming you with a billion of links to bookmark or posting images that might lead to copyright infringement. yay, my lawyer husband would be proud. just narcissistically blogging about me and my ideas and a lot of wrapped up randomness. voice your opinion about my experiment in the poll found on my sidebar. thanks for not only reading, but for cheering me on. this was a refreshing little assignment, proving i have more in me than i thought. for now, i am headed on a weekend away with my boys (see above). hooray. happy friday everyone.


Anonymous said...

I loved your "u be u" week. Light hearted, original and more Marta which is why I stop by (daily) and visit. You snap great pics and I love your photoshop creativity. Sometimes it's good to see it as a skill because I always wonder how you do that word, circle thing! and as always, thanks for sharing and being u!

Sexy Lexi said...

Great idea! I'm just starting out and I discovered wonderful up and comer's all the time!


Anonymous said...

i have enjoyed u be u week thoroughly. you truely have something to offer your readers that is unique and thoughtful, and is the reason why i visit your site daily when i get the chance.

as for your photographer in wisconsin- that would be me. :) aperture photography. simple for now, but definitely illustrates the point that there are many of us out there.

to discuss your photoshop debate- i simply know that i will never alter my images. what comes from the camera tells the truth. altered images from photoshop are fun to use in scrapbooking and for other items (fun and great!), but when it comes to being a professional, i will not do it. these images will be just as dated as 80s wall bangs soon enough. there is something that pushes the reality of an image further way from its truth, emotion, and authenticity the more it is photoshoped. many people will appreciate having a clear representation of that moment in time that they had decided was important enough to hire a photographer for when looking back and saying "remember when..."

Hannah said...

I loved this week, but I ALWAYS love your blog! :) Have a fun weekend. You are always on fun getaways!

Jordan and Jandee said...

Marta, yes I am a lemming and one of the 1001 SAHMs that also does photography on the side (www.jandeejones.blogspot.com), sometimes it feels like everyone who has an SLR has jumped on the wagon, but then I think "self, you jumped on the wagon, so why shouldn't they? Would it be fair if they were giving out photographer raffle tickets and you mysteriously got the last one?" It reminds me of those people who move to a small pristine magical town and the very next year start grumbling about all the new people coming in and turning it into a bigger town.....but the joke is that last year they were the newcomer that people were grumbling about. And of course there are enough wonderful moments that need capturing I think there is still room for one more photographer in the world, even if its just for her family. (Whew, probably more than you wanted to read)
However, I will say that I am with you on photoshop -- my husband is a graphic designer and I know he could take any image I take and make it look a lot better...but then it wouldn't have been my image, and I would feel like a traitor. So for 99% of the time I am a purist when it comes to photography and try and stay away from that pesky "actions" thing.
Oh yes and I have loved u be u and I'll be me week. And i love Ruth Krauss who said it backwards :)

C.L. Davis said...

I've finally given my old blog over to photos....I desperately need to change the name (as it was associated with my ebay store, now closed), but that is still simmering...in the meantime, enjoy!

Chris from So Cal.

Rosie said...

I have loved this week of posts. I've been reading (lurking) for at least a couple of years and this might be my favourite run of posts you've ever done. That said, post what makes you happy - I'll still be here and reading.

Christie said...

Dare I throw my hat into this proverbial ring? I am wholly new to the professional aspect of photography, and will continue to take pictures even if no one ever hires me again. Pictures are my love language and I am going to embrace them.


Misti said...

I love the week you just did, it was much better than giveaway after giveaway. Giveaways are fun, but too many and it makes the blog seem not as worthwhile, at least to me.

I am not an up and coming photographer, but hopefully one day I will get around to selling some nature photos that I take.

As for PS, I will do some editing in the RAW format, usually to bump up the contrast or lighten it, but I try not do to a lot. If I majorly edit something that transforms it into something other than the original, I make a note of that when I post it, because then I feel it becomes 'art' and not a photograph. IMO.

Janssen said...

My friend, Ralphie, is an incredible photographer in Texas.


j... said...

oh i am a BIG fan of this idea....i always thought it would be fun to have pictures taken on vacation--but each time i find myself @ a loss for a photographer. :) good thinkin' marta!!

And i'm with you on that photoshop botox argument....most of the time i give into the cries of 2009 & doctor things up just a tad. Considering i don't yet OWN photoshop, the argument is relatively easy with me :)


Tiffany said...

I loved u be u week. And this post made me smile.

Anda said...

This is a fabulous idea. I love your blog and cannot believe that you don't think you know much about photography! I am just starting in wedding and portraits (3 months in!), and I am keeping a blog to showcase my work but also the PROCESS, which I feel is equally, if not more, important when chasing a dream. I like that you mention the photoshop dilemma. I also face that, and I talk about branding issues and style and photoshop actions on my blog. I feel like I have experimented a lot and changed my look to something more natural, finally, but still with a slight vintage edge. Anyways, thanks for this post; I cannot wait to discover new photographers and make some internet friends potentially! My blog is www.andamarieblog.com

Dawn said...

Just wanted to say that I voted for a mix of u be u and links, because I love your writing, but I also love seeing the beautiful things you find online and appreciate the info!

allison said...

you know i love the marta-full posts the best. xo

Karie said...

My father-in-law isn't a "professional" photographer, but he does it for fun and is very talented. Check out his blog:


He updates it regularly. :)

Jenn said...

Also love photography Marta. My site is: www.eyeful-photography.blogspot.com. I'm located in Utah.
Also, I embrace photoshop. It's great for someone that takes a lot of pictures of kids. With subjects that move around so much, sometimes a little help is needed. But I agree that naturally captured photographs are always lovely as well.

Sarah D said...

You are always so creative. Like so many others that have already posted, I always love to read your blog no matter the theme! This is another fun idea! My photo blog address is:


Michelle @ Twig said...

There is a group for aspiring/amateur photographers and I'm a part of it! I started a photo blog and even a small photo business but I don't consider myself a professional to any extent, I just do what I love and continue to learn how to become better.

blueframephotos.com and photosbym.blogspot.com

Thanks for this!

Traci said...

love to read your blog and see and hear your ideas! your son is adorable and just born after my son!
anyways, a friend of mine that i have know since jr high and found again in the blog world is a photographer in utah. she is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!!!
very talented!!
her bog is wwwdotkmbfotodotblogspotdotcom

mary plus vince said...

yikes, i've been at this for a year now, and i still don't feel like i can call myself a "professional" photographer... but photography is my passion and i love to see the joy it brings others...

my photography site is: photosbymaryelizabeth.blogspot.com

Kat said...

I would love to be on your photographers' list! My name is Katherine Fan. I am a photojournalism graduate from the University of Texas and I have been shooting weddings since 2003. I also do senior portraits, family photos and whatever else you want.

www.flickr.com/photos/chix0rgirl and katherinefan@gmail.com

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Marta, while I'm not a photographer, I'm a big fan of your writing and graphic design. Thanks for "u be u" week; I think bloggers should put more of themselves into their posts.

Mary said...

I have completely LOVED u be u week. thank you so much for sharing!

{amy k.} said...

I think the photos you post are always so artistic real- and I like them a lot. I like real.

I agree with what you're saying with all the photoshop stuff... sometimes I think it's great, sometimes I think it ruins a perfectly natural photo. But, I guess that's up for the photographer! :)

I dream of being a photographer someday too... I've ALWAYS had a passion for photography. I suppose it'd be good to take some classes or learn a little something! :)

And I'm not a photographer but one of my friends from junior high is and she is amazing.... here's her link:
She's located in Utah but she also travels
I'd love to see the photography list you come up with!

And the u be u week was one of my favorites- I loved it! (and now I've written a novel of a comment...) I hope you have a great weekend with the boys!

~Kristina said...

your words ring so true. Here is a link to a post I wrote not so long ago. Have a look:
Here is a link to another blog of mine where I play "pretend" photographer.

Miranda said...

I have the same concerns as you about "over-doctoring" my photos. I worry about them not looking REAL. I've started to use a photo editing program called Aurora. http://www.lightcrafts.com/aurora/
I think it does a great job of helping me get the picture back to what I saw through the lens.

KJ said...

a sigh, perhaps a tear. I've dreamt all my live long days of being a photographer. I also dream of looking fabulous in photos of myself. neither has ever come true. I'm ok with a wee bit of digital botox, but just a little.

Little Gray Pixel said...

Great topic! It seems everyone has strong opinions about photography and how much manipulation they enjoy.

Me, I enjoy all photography. Lately I've been focusing on art photography, in which I create a "mood," and you can see that in my shop (http://littlegraypixel.etsy.com). I also enjoy portraiture and candid shots, and I hope someday to shoot more weddings. You can read about all my photo endeavors on my blog, http://littlegraypixel.blogspot.com.

Ashley Thalman said...

Ashley Thalman Photography.

Haven't given a shout out to you in a while Marta! Hi!.

Based in Utah. Have camera will travel.


Jen Holtkamp said...

marta you have such a great eye. i'm excited to see your new blog.

Courtney B said...

I loved this... and how I can see all of these photographer's blogs that I never would have. I love subscribing to as many inspiring photo blogs as possible (without overwhelming myself)

And the photoshop dilemma, I have it too, bad. I tend to use it, but I don't always like it... yet, I want to have a unique and static "look", not wavering between the two.

Anyway, you've checked out my link, but for the sake of sharing with the rest of this blog atmosphere:


Mom and Camera said...

You are a wonderful writer and I enjoy reading your blog. Here is my photography blog:

jularun7 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jularun7 said...

marta - great idea. i'd like to add my name and site to the list.

julia wade


raleigh, north carolina

i believe photoshop is an amazing tool that allows our beautiful photographs to look amazing. but yes, we're looking too plastic, too perfect. i strive to strike a balance in my photography. look your best, but still be you.

i've loved your you-be-you week. your honesty and candor inspired me.

Anonymous said...

this can be quite an interesting (and sometimes heated) debate. i used to be more of a purist but then decided that for me photography is an art and you should use the tools of the trade to promote your art and vision. for me the trouble starts when the photographer tries to sneakily pull the wool over the viewers' eyes. it's about being straightforward with the viewer.

thanks for sparking interesting conversation.


gallery - jeffreyallenphoto.com

blog - upsidedownbackwards.blogspot.com

Ashley said...

Thanks for this post, Marta! I am excited to see so many other photographers. I don't have an official site (yet), but I have a photo blog for my new year's resolution--taking a photo every 3 days.

My site is: www.photothree.blogspot.com.

I'm in the Cache Valley area. I travel. Have been sewn to my camera for years now. I love it.

melissa deakin said...

hi m!

i'd love to participate in your highlighting photographers. here is a link to my blog (still the same):
and my flickr account:

I go back and forth on the whole Photoshop thing...I love all the possiblities it provides, but I tend to experiment more with it when it comes to still life images. I do play around now and again with people photos, though...depending on what the photo calls forth.

And, it is just not possible that Benji is turning one...not possible! sniff...sniff!

Tori said...

i love photography blogs as well...even though i don't think i could ever be one i absolutely love looks...my sister in law has a really fun and neat photography blog called photo 3...she takes a picture every 3 days...so fun and different from those others:


she's talented beyond belief!

mary s. said...

I hear you on the "to Photoshop, or not to Photoshop" debate. I don't own Photoshop, but I do adjust the tones and brightness of most of my images; even just making these subtle tweaks, though, was a real leap for me. As an amateur, I honestly feel that the mark of a great photographer is NOT having to do any of these things.

I did feel better about making tweaks to my images after reading Nicole Hill (of A Little Sussy) say that as a professional photographer, while she shoots as if she can't make any adjustments after the fact, she does use Photoshop to make minor adjustments to, say, contrast and brightness only. And she doesn't use "actions".

I think all of the cool textures and actions out there would be fun to play with, but my goal is to keep my shots as genuine as I can. I really do agree with what aperturephotography said waaaay up above me -- that we'll probably look back on all of the heavily Photoshopped photos of today like we do on any other trendy trend.

loren weltsch said...

greetings from the san francisco bay area! i would be honored to be added to your list of photographers!
www.lorenwphoto.com and

Scott and Lindsey said...

Hi Marta! I love your b-day announcements. I wish I knew how to design better.

I would love to be linked, my website is www.greenapplephotography.blogspot.com or www.greenapplephotographyonline.com.

I think the Photoshop debate is an interesting one. My personal motto is what would J.Crew do. I love a clean, simple look, but there are lots of styles out there for lots of people!

Cate Williams said...

I guess I am a little late commenting here, but I have a photo blog and would love to be on your list! Love you Marta


Molly said...

i sure hope to see this list when it comes out..


Molly Jones
Salt Lake City

Alisha Stamper said...

i know this is a million years after you posted about it, but i've been having a fun first trimester and am FINALLY catching up on my favorite blogs (yours and your mom's included.) I do photo professionally, large format, actually (with the bellows and the dark cloth and everything). i have a BFA, studio in sugarhouse, and LOVE doing women's minded work. here's the website


love your blog!

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