17 August 2009

diy: summer festival

with benji's 1st birthday coming up, i have a feeling the topic of parties is about to take over this blog scene. please excuse me while i indulge in a favorite subject. we are celebrating the last inches of summer sunshine at every chance we get. this weekend was a good example. all the cousins came together for a Summer Festival. what better excuse to throw a party than thoroughly enjoying the last weeks of summer? benji's cousin, miss olivia, hosted her Second Annual Summer Festival on saturday. since the cousins rarely get to attend each other's birthday parties throughout the year, it was one big party for everyone. here are the diy details. mary really outdid herself with all the charming bits & pieces of her daughter's party.

we were welcomed with olivia's hand-painted party sign on her painting easel. spontaneous indoor crafts came in handy when the morning began with buckets of rain. sophie, the red-headed older cousin, was so sweet to help out and tend to the children. she brought her puppy, scout, which was an added bonus for li'l ones like benji! we headed out to a fun museum where the kids loved digging for fossils and learning about toads. happy meals at mcdonalds was a simple way to please the children to the nth degree. then back to the patio with birthday cake (a candle for each child) and opening presents (one for everyone) one by one, delivered by their grandma. the kids loved learning about the classic yard games like mother, may i? and were delighted at the idea of a candy hunt. afterwards, the children each hopped on a trike, a bike or inside a wagon for a parade over to a nearby park for more hooping & hollering.

thank you, mary & olivia.
can't wait 'til next year's summer festival.


Anonymous said...

What a great day! And everything had the children in mind...I would bet they had an amazing day and talked about it for hours and hours! :)

mary said...

these photo collages (aka "digital scrapbooking pages") are beautiful - are you printing them and putting them into an album? I hope you say "yes!!!" ...and I am a huge fan of u be u - thanks for sharing so much of yourself and your family!! the summer festival looks like a fabulous fun time!!

Travelin'Oma said...

What a clever way to share birthday fun. Benji is already a party animal.

Dansie Family said...

loved the festival even though i slept through most of it. olivia is a grand cousin.

country girl said...

I can't get over how adorable Benji is. What a heartbreaker!

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