17 August 2009

pretty scrapbook paper

as if i need more. today i found this pretty collection of paper at my favorite local craft store, porters. it reminds me of my parents (my favorite globetrotters) who have been collecting vintage suitcase labels and travel ephemera before it even became cool. this is the perfect kind of paper to have on hand.

paperie by Graphic 45

p.s. my mom's blog is packed with good tips; travel, motherhood, finding bliss, etc. plus, she is picking up the pieces and blogging all about writing. (thank goodness, my write club seems to be on hiatus these days). she has also posted about her worldwide travels and how she met my dad and fell in love in austria in 1969. yes, their life really could be a musical on broadway.


Amy said...

I love pretty paper as well!

I'm off to check out your mom's blog! Thanks for the link.

hannah said...

ooh! i love it. i used to frequent porters when i lived in rexburg. i loved it there!

Heidi said...

This is our entire basement rolled onto one sheet of paper. How creative. I know for a fact we had some of those exact posters! What a great find!

Travelin'Oma said...

I decided what I want for my b-day. Paper products.

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