24 September 2009

little luxuries part one

life is full of little things that make me happy.
little luxuries for little money.
it's important to celebrate the details.

the rest of my list, a little later.

whereabouts :::
01. purse pocket must-haves
02. dove soap
03. thesaurus. my favorite writing partner.
04. pretty glassine bags from postalpress.com
05. nail polish from sephora + walmart
06. sprinkles from the bulk food bin
07. darling tulip cupcake papers from etsy


Tiffany said...

I love lists like these. Keep 'em coming. Love those cupcake papers.

found paper co. said...

Such a cute idea for a post, and I love your picks. I have those same cupcake papers. They make the most simple cupcakes and muffins extra special!

Anonymous said...

only you could make a post about trident and bobby pins oh, so charming.. you really have a way with words- i'm so envious!

ALFIE said...


your eye and love of the simple things is inspirational!

thanks for sharing your little favorite things!

stephanie said...

the simple things are what make me happiest!
:my nauvoo bookmark
:bert's bees lip gloss/chapstick
:my cute bookplates
:life is good tote

talesofahummingbird said...

my little luxury of the week is my sweet pumpkin spice candle allowing me to defy the santa anna winds blowing 100+ temps into my neighborhood and pretend its fall while i nap. :)

Lena said...

what do you measure with the windup measuring tape? and what kind of eyeliner is that?

Katie said...

Such great treasures - and pictures! I am in love with your camera.

And with the clinique lip gloss. My absolute favorite.

Thanks for always writing - I love your blog.

No Big Dill said...

One can never have too many retractable tape measures. Just ask the ten little hands that like to snatch them from my stash.

Miranda said...

I agree 100% with the Dove soap!

{amy k.} said...

Love these! Especially that they are such simple things... like hair elastics and bobby pins! I have a hair elastic on my wrist 99% of the time, the other time it's in my hair!

thanks for the reminder to be happy for the little luxuries in life!

Sarah said...

Where did you get those cupcake papers? I love them.

Travelin'Oma said...

You have a great knack for life!

Ann said...

I absolutely love these lists. The jar of jimmies just makes my heart swell!

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