20 September 2009

an unforgettable few days

so excited to be here. together. we just had a weekend of what dreams are made of. one of the happiest i've had in a long time. there was a surprise at every turn. so much fun.

dan and i and all six of my siblings and their spouses arrived just in time to surprise my mom for her sixtieth birthday. a big belated surprise birthday party extravaganza to give her exactly what she's been wishing for; a dinner all together. the look on her face was priceless. so perfect. my parents were totally surprised and we were all over-the-moon.

little did we know, their twentieth grandchild (and my newborn nephew) would join the party the very next day. oh how i love holding swaddled babies. arriving a week early, he must've known i was dying to meet him. family is good. family is the best.

lots of good solid family bonding.
details + photos later.


brooke said...

What a wonderful surprise for your mom--now that I'm a mom, I can totally appreciate how great it would be to have all of your children together on your birthday.

You have the best family!

Bluebelle said...

That sounds like a perfect birthday, and a new baby is just wonderful!

Eliza said...

We share a pretty adorable nephew (not sure if A + P want his name out there for the internet world or not) and I'm so jealous that you've held him already... I wish I could twinkle from Georgia to Utah to meet the new little man!

Hannah said...

i read about the surprise on your mom's blog. what a sweet family you have! and congrats on the new nephew!

ALFIE said...

so glad you were able to spend such a fabulous weekend with family!

&& i love the anthro window :)

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