29 October 2009

monster brains

tonight i boiled some monster brains to pile up on my little boy's highchair tray for dinner. (i wonder how many pounds of pasta will be prepared this weekend for halloween festivities in this country..) benji gobbled it up, strand by strand, like any good goblin would. smiling at me without noticing any difference from his usual favorite, noodles and sauce. he was cloaked in your classic spaghetti boy costume then treated me with a trick, giving me a big hug, burying his face into me, so lovingly sharing some of his monster brains supper. then i, superwoman, swept him up for bathtime. as per usual. fourteen months is such a cute age. do i say that every month? perhaps i do. boy do i love this little goblin, slimy or squeaky clean.

happy halloweening everyone. we will be celebrating early with a trip to dan's office tomorrow. the rest of the weekend will be cozy with hot cider and cookies. and maybe a hitchcock flick.

can't wait until next week i'll be introducing a few new holiday goodies for the mini mart.


Jaimie said...

Mine is also 14 months and I have to say that I am way jealous that your little tot will eat noodles. Mine thinks they are disgusting. : (

Rachel said...

Every time you post something about your son, it makes me so excited to have kids some day.

Travelin'Oma said...

The classic spaghetti costume. So cute and so messy.

Those Magic Slippers Will Take You Home said...

Your blogs always make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside! Havea great weekend!

summer said...

mm.. hot cider. i need to sip a mug of that spicy stuff soon. do you have a favorite recipe?

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