01 November 2009

halloween at our house

we took our zebra out of his cage last night for trick or treating. benji had a ball walking around the local shopping mall with lots of little ones hunting for sweets and lollipops. we were delighted to bump into our favorite bumble bee, lydia. by seven o'clock this zebra had fallen fast asleep in his stripes.


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

He looks so cute as a zebra!

Cassie said...

He looks just like you when he is fast asleep, really far more than I had noticed in photos before.

Hil said...

what an adorable little zebra! glad you guys had a fun halloween with lots of treating.

gab said...

What's black and white and cute all over?


summer said...

oh look at his sweet little nose! you just can't miss something that cute.

love the zebra idea, marta- he looks so cuddly.

Who Sees the Seven. said...

He is so adorable!!!

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