12 October 2009

weekend wrap up and a winner

good morning monday.

hope you had a nice weekend. am feeling happy to be home and happy to have had a li'l getaway. it's good to get away. we packed up to venture to the annual trailing of the sheep festival in sun valley, idaho. this event involves three main things; celebration of sheep, shearing of sheep and walking of sheep down main street. how could this not be a perfect excuse to take a roadtrip.

we witnessed the wonders of wool. folks wearing wool, fingers spinning wool and soap carved into sheep shapes. there was a parade of sheep clomping down the street and bagpipes playing and dancers with pretty costumes and spectators chatting, bundled up, eating lamb kebobs, lamb stew and lamb sandwiches. which seems pretty ironic to me. but anyhow, i won't get into that.. i was just happy we made a nice tribute to the sheep.

we've been talking about coming to this fest ever since we saw the pbs special on it last year at the hospital while i was recovering from my c-section. (funny how things like thetvshowyouwatched35hoursafteryougavebirth stay with you.)

i'm so glad my parents could meet up with us, it is always fun to spend time together. my favorite is watching benji interact with them. his whole face lights up. i loved taking my mom in town to each of the gift shops i've fallen in love with over the years. we discovered an adorable new shop with a plethora of pretty cards, fancy dishes, exquisite candles and a singing yellow bird in a fancy vintage cage in the corner. it is pretty awesome to browse greeting cards with my mom, for she is the one who instilled the obsession.

okay, onto blog business. the lucky random winner of last week's giveaway was number five. which means deidra, you've won. enjoy your spooky stationery!!!

sheep shots to come. stay tuned.


Deidra said...

Oooh! How exciting! Looks like I need to start planning a party worthy of the adorable invitations. Or maybe I'll be sending out Halloween cards this year!

Thanks, Marta and Michelle!!

Ann Marie said...

that sounds like such an AMAZING festival! maybe next year CJ and i will join you ;)

Hil said...

sounds like you guys had a great time! nothing beats window shopping the shops in sun valley, especially with your mom. i'm glad you guys are back safe and sound and had a great little getaway!

Anneliese said...

i was wondering what your pumpkin family looked like :) i adore them.

summer said...

i've been thinking about your pumpkin family too, as i have been debating when to get some for us. they are way gorgeous in the sun on your sill. i need to get me some little orangies soon. or maybe one great big one. not sure yet.

Tiffany said...

The Sheepapalooza pictures are so great--love the costumes and your adorable haircut (makes me want to chop mine off!).

And I know what you mean about those tv shows, I saw a hot dog documentary on PBS several times during middle-of-the-night feedings of both of my kids and have a fondness for hot dogs ever since. ;)

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