06 November 2009

holiday prep 003

• write at least one thank you email a day
• discuss turkey brining techniques with dad
• buy sparkly cider while it's still on special
• dream up a fun activity for our little thanksgiving party
• research rosemary bread possibilities for best stuffing in the world
• drop mini mart packages off at the post office
• begin rounding corners of christmas cards
• browse craft store open house this saturday
• google carameled apple making (tips + advice?)
• decide which 'dish' to teach the boy scouts how to make (suggestions?)
• yoga three times a week to help negate inevitable holiday poundage
• stock up on pretzel rods for dunking and dipping in december

happy weekend.


The Dragonfly said...

I just dipped apples for Autumn. Two suggestions: 1) don't forget to spray your waxed paper BEFORE putting carameled apples on it . . . I forgot and ended up with a sticky mess. 2)Double dip in white/milk choclate after caramel is set, then roll in roasted hazelnuts . . . to die for.

anna jo said...

I think I call up your dad every year to ask how to best brine my turkey. he is an expert!

Johanna said...

Just reading this gets ME excited for the holidays! I love the build up just as much as the actual holidays themselves.
good luck getting your list done!

Travelin'Oma said...

I come here for my holiday fix. I'm not feeling the work part of it yet (hey, I'm not through with Halloween till 2:pm today!) but I'm getting into the spirit!

Michelle @ Twig said...

Hi Marta,

I blogged about making mini caramel apples and they were divine! Absolutely darling and the perfect bite size. I would love to see them with real twigs as the sticks...wouldn't that be festive!

The link is here: http://lovelybym.blogspot.com/2009/11/night-of-halloween.html

Miranda said...

I have to fight off the urge to copy down every plan you have for my own holiday prep! Except your dad might wonder who I am when I call to talk to him about brine. :) My mom and I have an amazing caramel apple recipe/method that has been successful for years. It takes a little work but it is worth is. Email me if you're interested.

Alisha Stamper said...

I say teach the boys how to make pumpkin pie. its easy, and a favorite... and they'll probably feel like a million bucks that they made it themselves. I think if you really wanted you could even make the crusts with them, depending on age. crust really isn't hard, as i'm sure you know.

Cassie said...

When I read you were caramelising apples this blog post sprung into my mind - hope might help?

Have a fab weekend xx

Michelle said...

Are you looking for a great rosemary bread recipe? We had a delicious one last night at Relief Society--I can send you the recipe if you'd like.

stehanie from texas said...

my stand by boy scout/young women recipe is pizza casserole. it is simple and oh so delish.
thanks for the holiday inspiration!

Suzanne said...

For the scouts I would recommend candied yams (sweet potatoes) with nutmeg and marshmallows. Cuz, y'know, marshmallows. Kids dig them.

Melissa A said...

I have a little drink idea for you that I think you might like. I love carmel apple spice from Starbucks, but I don't always like to spend the money so I buy apple cider from the store, heat it up in a cup in the micro and then add some Smuckers carmel apple sunday syrup on top and then stir, it's mmmm good. Great for this time of year.

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