07 November 2009

am a fan.

am a fan of wearing aprons around the house. am not joking. after working so many years in a bakery, i feel incomplete without one in the kitchen. and i feel like its some sort of bad omen if i attempt to bake anything delicious without one. with a one year old i am very tempted to wear one all day, everyday.

am a fan of baking bread. and using a silicone baster brush to top the loaves with butter. it's a wholesome activity that i can practice; sort of like tennis. am getting better and better at it. baking bread is not something you can conquer. simply something you can improve.

am a fan of writing long letters on stationery. with coordinating envelopes.

am a fan of project runway. especially because dan will watch it with me. am a fan of the three finalists. am pulling for miss carol hannah. but am still a fan of logan. he is originally from blackfoot, idaho (and i love to see a spud in the spotlight). however my guess is that irina will win in the end. in more tv news, i am excited to see ellen on oprah on monday. and am sure dan's excited for whatever bear grylls is up to.

am a fan of this charming set of rub a dub tub toys. benji loves splashing with the foam cars, buses, trucks and tracks at bathtime.

am a fan of gloriously large apples. inspiring me for the caramel apples. they are just pleading for a cloak of caramel and some candied buttons.

am a fan of redbox. love love love it. unless you plan on picking up the recent sequel to transformers. without a doubt that movie can be missed. sci fi. army guys. big explosions. cool cars that turn into robots. a plot that has no reality whatsoever. megan fox. it has boy movie written all over it.

am a fan of the ginormous ice cream bars at the costco snackbar (where snacks are so cheap you almost forget how much you just spent on bulk groceries). am newly converted at first bite. this link made me laugh.

am a fan of the recent sesame street google designs. happy fortieth.

am a fan of letting cookies cool on a cooling rack. it captures the essence of homemade.

am a fan of taylor swift. am new on her bandwagon, i only know one or two of her songs, but i think she's awesome. so young. so talented. so responsible. so determined. so motivated. so full of potential. i, along with thousands of thirteen year olds, am putting her new album on my christmas wish list.

am a fan of the wooden toys now available at target for a dollar. so perfect for ornaments or stocking stuffers. or for a little boy named benji who loves to spin the airplane propeller.

am a fan of dark nail polish. very late in the game, i realize.

am a fan of au lait extra large milk soap. it has the perfect subtle fragrance. am keeping it on my gift shelf for now. although it may find its way into my linen closet and then into my bathtub.

am a fan of the white tee i am wearing at the moment. it's soft enough and long enough and stretchy enough and i love everything about it. but i have to keep it a surprise until later.

am a fan of the recent martha stewart weddings issue. love the article about confetti.

am a fan of cardigans. am always and everytime drawn to the girlie cardi. dainty and darling. what that says about me, i don't know.

am a fan of buying christmas presents early. am thinking it would be fun to send out it's beginning to look a lot like christmas gifts at the very start of december. i am always full of good intentions at this time of year. am hoping to actually follow through.


Just Us said...

I'm a new Taylor Swift fan too! I feel so funny because I know I'm among the tweeners too, but I put it on my Christmas list too. So funny.

Hil said...

are those dollar toys not the CUTEST? I caved and got Little Guy the helicopter... I think I'll have to get one with each visit until I have them all. Adorable.

I also love Taylor Swift. I'm waiting for SNL to start because she is on tonight. I'm usually not a fan of SNL, but making an acception for Taylor. I am a nerd and have her cd in my car. Pretty sure I know every word to every song...

Thanks for sharing, you have the cutest ideas always.

Unknown said...

No wonder we're friends... we have lots in common. I also love lots of the same things! Fun post.

brooke said...

I don't know what it is about that Man vs Wild show but my husband loves it too. It kind of grosses me out.

As for Taylor--love her. I went to her show with all the pre-teens and their parents.

Love those little toys are Target and buying Christmas presents early. I was at Target tonight going hog wild on wrapping paper and gifts for the kids--so fun.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

That's a great list, Marta! Such fun... I love the idea of the "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" gifts!

Cassie said...

Brilliant idea for a post as always Marta! How do you do you wonderful little lady?
Thank you for brightening my grey morning here in UK.

Johanna said...

i <3 this post

{natalie} said...

i love this post.

i love dark nail polish a lot.

i wear a cardigan a lot.

i love baking cookies from scratch.

i'm excited to hear about this Tee you are talking about.

Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

oh, i hope carol hannah wins. she's just so nice. and real. i think you're right, though, i bet "meana irina" will take it. and i'm a sucker for a good white tee, can't wait!

P.S. said...

I love this post! I feel like you just read my mind. Carol Hannah is so darling I want her to win but Irina and her plush jackets (that I want to wear everyday of my life) are too gorgeous not to win. That newspaper coat, are you freaking kidding me?!!!

And dark nail polish also just won me over.

Miranda said...

It's like the perfect list! Aprons, yes. Taylor Swift, yes yes. Cardigans, yes yes yes! I could keep going but I imagine you get the point.

amber of theambershow said...

Tee shirt... is long enough... STRETCHY enough... but has to remain a secret...

!!!!!! !!!!!! .... !!!!!!


Molly said...

i am a fan of you:)

i really admire you. you are real, raw, down to earth, and incredibly talented. thank you for inspiring all of us.

nicole said...

i adore your list...most of the list could be on my list. i recently bought a few of your mini diaries for Christmas gifts (I love them by the way).

thea said...

hehehe, i watch project runway too, and my partner 'pretends' not to like it and complains about me turning it on. THEN whilst sitting at his computer back to the TV he pretends that he isn't peering over his shoulder every two minutes to see what's hap[ening - but we kno!



Kari said...

me, too! me, too! I wear aprons every single day, and very often to the school to collect my boy. I used to be frustrated that I'd forget to take it off, but now I don't even bother. it's my work uniform.

leni said...

And I'm a fan of you and your blog!

P.S. I'm on a mission to create the Ultimate Happy Playlist. Please help me out by letting me know what song instantly makes you happy when you hear it!


Jake said...

I wish I could come over for a slice of hot bread and some Project Runway. (Can you believe I just barely watched my first episode this week?!! We need to watch together so you can give me the backstory.)

J, K, L, and D said...

I love me some Carol Hannah! I hope she wins - she is too cute.

Em said...


The book is worth it. I think. I mean, $30 is way too expensive, but it was part of the experience and it'll be GREAT to feed a husband with. I think Dan will enjoy it more than you! :)

Hope all is well with your little trio.


benson said...

oh my gosh...I am such a fan of so many of the same things you are (ahem...especially that adorable white tee...) No wonder I think you're swell.

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