11 November 2009

remembering the brave who set us free

today i am thinking of the brave who fight for the peaceful life i lead. i am feeling lucky to live in a land with heroes who serve across the seas and surround us in daily life. this incredible clip of a 9/11 survivor matches the tone i'm feeling today. veterans day always reminds me to tell the important ones in life that i love them.

*photos of my grandpa wells, my father's father, serving in WWII.


Cassie said...

We will remember them.

Hil said...

i love that clip as well. brought me to tears when i first watched it. thanks for sharing and for the reminder.

what great photos to have of your grandpa!

michelle said...

Lovely. Yesterday in Paris they had their Armistice Day celebration at the Arc de Triomphe, and it was the first year that they didn't have a WWI veteran at the ceremony (the last surviving one died during the last year). So poignant to me.

Minna said...

Hmmm, maybe you should come over here and see what you're really doing when you "serve across the seas". Not as pretty as you make it sound.

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