09 November 2009

work horse

oh thank you for all the comment love. you have no idea.

i'm stopping in to say, there shall be no more horsing around, blogging my week away. i have way too much work to do. from now on i can be found at my desk 'neath a pile of projects. with the deadline clock tick-a-tocking. am going to be disciplined and steadfast. only taking breaks to play peek a boo from behind the couch. yep, benji can now climb up on the couch unassisted. we are in for a wild winter indoors, people. sometimes i catch myself thinking, why am i crawling on the floor and he's up on the furniture?

oh and this week, i'll be teaching boy scouts the marvels of meatloaf + mashed potatoes. (complete with baby meatloaves for each. i doubt they'll even notice all the cuteness that a little loaf has to offer, but still i'll feel like a happy mama bear, donning my apron. will be channeling my inner-julia.) i will attempt to catch up on clearing out my inbox too. a cluttered inbox is worse then a messy room. as a general shout out about emails; i read them, can't get enough of them and appreciate them, thank you.

although i'm taking a teeny tiny break this week, i will return for this thursday giveaway. you won't want to miss it. hope to see you then.

p.s. against my will, i am not even opening this post up for comments. gasp. because i'll be too tempted to check to see if i got any clever comments. that's how serious i am about getting serious. lucky for me, my imagination is real big, therefore i'll be imagining all of your encouraging, go get 'em tiger type comments. i hear you cheerleading my productivity.

p.p.s. once i return, i plan on blogging all about sweet hostess gift ideas. and yes, there will be another post featuring my beloved: bulk candy.

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