04 November 2009

shop festivities

the mini mart is in full swing with brand new seasonal goodies.
i must admit, i am super excited about each + every item.

its true, i am a girl full of words, however i love the idea of letting a little label tell all. the possibilities with this set of labels are endless. it is so simple to create virtually any grouping into a Christmas Advent and a Twelve Days countdown. functional meets fun. specifically, for the Twelve Days of Christmas, i like to hang envelopes on a swooping ribbon or in the branches of the tree with notes detailing surprise outings, household chore coupons, a small love letter or a series of scripture about the true reason for the season.

these thick velum note cards were a favorite from the moment i laid eyes on them. photos don't do them justice. they are subtle and special all at once. and the polka dots make them perfect.

santa claus labels are my way of bringing a bit of youthful magic back into the holiday. they also pay homage to my mother who would pen in santa's signature with her own classic cursive every year.

as you know, i love a darling party favor. these boxes are simple to assemble and ready to hold any miniature treasure. add a small sprig of evergreen for a festive theme, write a name for an instant place card or stack them in large jars for a stunning centerpiece.

please browse around while your favorite tunes are playing.
you'll find me rockin around the christmas tree.
enter discount code NOEL for 15% off your order.
thanks so much for coming.


ashley maureen said...

i love everything you have here! what a great collection of christmasy things :)

katrina lauren said...

marta! lovely christmas goodies....and so fun! i {love} the labels. i think i would feel like one of santa's little elves putting together gifts for a 12 day countdown! such fun!
have a happy day!

Tiffany =] said...

You are so creative and inspiring. I love all of your things! Im going to go browse right now!!!

Kelly said...

i LOVE those advent labels!!! you're a genius, marta.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, you've got me wanting to whip out my Christmas playlist. Marta, all of this is so fantastic.

talesofahummingbird said...

what a gift you have - such charming creations smothered in perfect simplicity. i love it all! the santa stickers are my favorite!

ALFIE said...

perfect little creations, marta!!

Melissa A said...

I love your table loaded with advent goodies. Looks like a lot of fun surprises to open.

Skyes Scribbles said...

I Love this Blog! how cool all of these things are!

summer said...

hooray! what a set up. it all looks glorious, marta. i'm so glad 'tis already the season to be thinking of such festivities.

Tiffany said...

I want to live in Marta's shop.

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