03 November 2009

wrapping up last minute details

tune in tomorrow for the festivities.

and thank you for all of the enthusiasm and support for project :: thankful.
that meant a lot to me. you mean a lot to me. (i really mean that much to you?)
please tell me you know where that line came from.

p.s. yes, indeed! please feel free to link project :: thankful on your own blog.
p.p.s. i enjoyed reading your responses so far. including yours, dear dan.


stephanie said...

thankful today for

*for you Marta and your fun blog
*smiling children
*Julia Child birthday party i am helping with
*my own blog

Anonymous said...

Today I thankful for my peppermint tea because my stomach is a bit upset :(

"you mean a lot to me. i really mean that much to you"...reminds me of my Milli Vanilli tape - "Girl you know it's true"!

Anonymous said...

oh. that's a good line. i wish i knew where it came from:) you do such good things, marta!

Kari said...

I actually squealed a little when I read the picture--had to explain to my son what was so exciting. (And he totally agreed.) I'm looking at Christmas and holiday preparations in a completely different way, trying to spread the cheer out a bit and get more done so I can enjoy. You're so inspiring all the time--can't wait to see what you whip up for a designated day of ideas. I'll have to set aside designated "ooh" and "aah" time, I'm sure.

talesofahummingbird said...

i love your gift wrap and your tags and your papers and your inspiring words and pretty pictures. and i cant wait to see what tomorrow brings!!!

summer said...

super cute announcing, marta. i'm excited!

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