06 January 2010

am a fan.

am a fan of faux blogging in bed. jotting rapid ideas for posts, content even (see above). my post for why i blog is brewing. over the long holiday i had many a 'how's the blog going?' queries and it made me glad. glad that there is at least one ready subject my brothers-in-law can talk to me about, glad that i have an identity out there (even without acquiring a facebook account), glad that my writing is being published (even in this small sphere), am glad that i am not ashamed to blog. as far as i know, there will be no slowing of postage here on m.writes in twenty-ten.

am a fan of the crest spin toothbrush. santa knew what he was doing when he packed them into our stockings this year. brushing your teeth has never felt more refreshing. it's true, i can't stop raving.

am a fan of darling yo yos. i might learn how to walk the dog if i ever get one.

am a fan of this beautiful letterpress print by designer cameron moll. dan framed it for me as a christmas gift. i genuinely love it. the print carries many meanings for me. am so happy people are so inspiring, so talented. so happy it is hanging in our home.

am a fan of nine dollar yoga pants on the sale rack at anthropologie.

am a fan of kiehl's coconut lotion. mmmm. mm.

am a fan of the kate spade pocket planner. i splurged a few years back when they went on sale–thanks to refills–am still benefitting from its goodness.

am a fan of the new kirtsy book. it sits on my bedside table and i flip through it when i can't sleep. if you love to blog, discussing blogs, reading blogs and really well written words - you'll get a kick out of it. i like the mixture of so many personalities, opinions and pretty pictures. if i were to start dog-earring my favorites, 90% of the pages would be dog-earred. (and i promise i'm not plugging it just because there is indeed a page or two featuring my own words.)

am a fan bobbi brown's lipstick in blush. am jumping for joy for this perfect, matte nude hue to hug my lips (and not dry them out).

am a fan of my electric blanket from target. it leaves blue fuzzies on my white sheets, but ooh la la it is nice and cozy and warm. best thing on earth.

am a fan of leftover christmas treats. i have a bowl of pistachios here reminding me of my father's father, grandpa wells.

am a big fan of catch phrase and apples to apples. perfect games for big families and wild parties.

am a fan of heidi's homemade applesauce (speaking of apples). my sister invited us over for a playdate and served homemade bread, crockpot applesauce and strawberry spinach salad. she is almost too good to be true.

am a fan of watching my li'l benji go sledding for the first time. he and his cousins were so giddy to go up and down the snowy hill again and again. i love seeing a timeless tradition make the rounds to the next generation. parenthood is possibly my favorite thing yet.

am a fan of whirring rice krispies and oatmeal and chocolate chips into cookie dough with my mother-in-law's vintage avocado-colored hand mixer. it doesn't get any better than real retro.

am a fan of this how to make a blog header tutorial. i don't have patience for creating tutorials, so i really love when people write it all out.


Anonymous said...

Love that list! And am so excited to hear why you blog. I think about that kind of thing a lot.

RW said...

I love lists too.
I am looking forward to hearing why you blog.

Hil said...

great list! I absolutely love that print. gorgeous.

Devon said...

I listed all day yesterday. It made me happy.

Just a note to say thanks for your blog. It's an inspiring read and your photography and editing skills are fantastic.

Hope you have a great day!

Francine said...

Those cookies sound awesome. Snap a photo of them next time you make them! I'm curious to see what they look like.

Melissa A said...

Your handwriting looks like that all the time...I love it! I'm a fan of the calender lately. I bought 3 this year, two to fill in and one to just look at. My little hands have been a writin' lately to fill them all up.

summer said...

am a fan of..

being home early from school, due to snow.
dreams coming true in the form of lipstick.
(that bb shade is what i've been waiting for. thanks!)
seeing your handwriting.
making quiche, miles apart.
more m.writes in 2010.
reading your always rosy comments.
this brilliant post.

Brittany said...

thank you, thank you, thank you! for the link on how to create a blog header! i've been bored with mine for months but i have no clue what i'm doing. i might actually figure it out now, merci!

Christine said...

just this morning my mom & i were talking about the desire to embrace blogging more. i've been blogging for years & i love it, but sometimes i'm shy about it and try to downplay it. in 2010 though, i'm jumping in head first and committing to the blog!

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

I am a fan of this post. Your handwriting is incredible.

I too am a fan of kiehl's coconut lotion.

I am a new fan of following your blog!

Sugar Plum Eats said...

You have awesome handwriting!

AmberLee said...

such pretty notebook blogging. I too can hardly wait for the "why i blog" thoughts. yea.

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