06 January 2010

a quick new year's recap

this is benji's cousin, james. his junior mint eyes and strawberry red hair make him quite the charmer. he is just a year older and loves to pal around with benj. every time we get together these little monkeys learn more tricks. i realize this is only the beginning of little boy mischief. this time they played with grandma's vintage trucks, got pulled on a sled and had a picnic on the floor with macaroni noodles and banana slices.

new year's eve chocolate toffee trifle. really rich. but really pretty in the new trifle bowl. we had a spectacular spread. mary brought all the treats and candy she'd collected over the holiday season. which meant we rang in the new year with bellies full of sugar.

the little kids sledding with their daddies before sunset on sunday.

brown paper packages tied up with string. last little surprises. thank you, ariane. unlike some, i cannot seem to unwrap a gift without ripping the fancy paper and spoiling it's re-wrap potential. therefore i snapshot it instead.

all packed up and headed for home. this is right when i realized i didn't take hardly enough photos of our trip in salt lake city. not a one of my side of the family! (if only you could hear my little nieces' laughter and their endless singing to get benji to dance.) therefore i snapped a self portrait to settle my guilt. i see now that sometimes having minimal photos means i was in the moment and enjoying all the parties to their fullest extent. thanks to everyone for making it a perfect getaway.


stephanie of texas said...

am a fan of you!

Francine said...

I feel the same way when I get home and see I have a lack of photos. Sometimes the camera gets in the way. You'll remember the moments in your mind!

Johanna said...

Me too! I forgot to take photos this past Christmas and was very upset with myself for doing so. But then I realized that I was so in the moment, enjoying myself and THAT is better than being behind the lens.
Must say it- I love your hair Marta!
Happy New Year!

summer said...

junior mint eyes.. totally. very crafty wording, as per usual, miss mart.

i just want to jab a spoon into that trifle. mmmm! is that crushed heath or butterfinger i spy on top?

love the beaming self-portrait you snapped, just love it. i should try to do a couple of those in 2010. i wonder, how does your hair stay cute in the car?

Travelin'Oma said...

The pictures are stored safely in our memories.

talesofahummingbird said...

i found myself in the same lack-of-photos predicament after our journey home. lots of the downtown. not lots of the wonderful activities we shared. you're right - being in the moment and having those memories are better than snapshots sometimes because you can't capture the cousins giggling or the smell of the meal or the feel of a hug from your grandfather. could you please *PLEASE* share the recipe for the trifle? yum-oh!

Dansie Family said...

it was fun to hang out and watch the kiddos hang out. i think they are destined to be best buds.

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